Everyone knows what the first few months of a new relationship is like: the excitement; the bubble with just the two of you; the brilliance of always being together; and the sickening way you tell everyone else you never want to be apart. Unfortunately, when you’re the lead singer of a rock band and an Oscar-winning actress those wonderfully scary and delightfully uncertain moments are not only shared with each other but also with a world of eagle-eyed fans.

Jennifer Lawrence
J-Law likes her men British: the actress is rumoured to be dating Chris Martin after breaking up with X-Men actor, Nicholas Hoult

Although there has been no confirmation from either Jennifer Lawrence or Chris Martin of a romance and no real image of the pair engaging in each other’s company, speculation remains heightened as the media continue to stumble upon them in places that are never very far away from each other.

The latest event which has put them in each other’s proximity is the iHeartRadio music festival from which a picture has surfaced in the Toronto Sun of Jen walking in the opposite direction of Chris as he stands in the background of the shot talking on his phone.

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There is also an ‘exclusive eyewitness account’ reported in radar online that recounts how they saw Jen and Chris "making out" backstage.

The insider continued: "She had her arms around his neck. They were kissing passionately before he took the stage!"

Chris Martin
Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, has reportedly moved from one Hollywood megastar to another

EOnline has also posted a long distance picture of the pair leaving a private jet, with their outfits clearly signalling how relaxed and happy they are as a couple.

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Whenever, and if ever, this new couple decide to confirm their relationship to the waiting masses, it’s likely that hysteria will erupt upon hearing the news.

And, while it is lovely to see two undoubtedly talented people find happiness in each other’s company, let’s hope that the intense scrutiny they have had to endure during these first few loved-up months hasn’t succeeded in bursting their bubble completely.