Just weeks after their latest movie 'Mother!' hit the big screen, it has been revealed that Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have split up after dating for more than a year. It's not all bad news though, because they are clearly still very firm friends.

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky at 'Mother!' premiereJennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky at 'Mother!' premiere

The 27-year-old actress and the 48-year-old director apparently started dating after completing the horror movie 'Mother!' in September 2016, though they kept their relationship largely under wraps. Now they have decided they are not the best fit for each other after all.

They had been spotted on dinner dates in New York City and Los Angeles in the last year, though they only appeared together publicly for the first time in September during the premiere of 'Mother!'. Since they've been split, they have seen each other at the Governors Awards (November 11th), but they only had good things to say about each other.

'He's just brilliant. Incredibly instinctual', Jennifer told ET on the red carpet, while Darren named her a 'once-in-a-generation talent'.

'Well, I don't know what makes her great - maybe it was her parents, maybe it was the Kentucky water', he quipped. '[She's] just a whirlwind and a hurricane and an earthquake and a thunderstorm of talent.'

It was only recently that in interview with Jennifer appeared in the Hollywood Reporter, with the actress talking openly about their relationship. 'I had a crush on him when he pitched to me, and that was like a year before we started rehearsing, but he was a professional, which only made it worse for me', she said. 

'We just kind of formed a friendship. He knew how I felt. He never told me how he felt', she continued. 'I mean, I assumed. We just formed a friendship and then the friendship turned into a partnership for the movie, once we started working. And then once the movie was done, I was like, 'All right! You're my boyfriend.''

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Jennifer was previously in a relationship with her 'X-Men' co-star Nicholas Hoult, and there have also been rumours that she went on to date Coldplay frontman Chris Martin following his split from Gwyneth Paltrow. Darren, meanwhile, was with Rachel Weisz for nine years and have a 10-year-old son called Henry together.