Elisabeth Röhm says it was ''intoxicating'' working with Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle'.

The 40-year-old actress plays Dolly Polito in David O Russell's hit film alongside the blonde beauty who stars as a drunken housewife Rosalyn Rosenfeld, and she found the 23-year-old beauty is an ''old soul'' who is also extremely professional in the way she carries herself when in character.

Talking to parade.com, she said: ''She's [Lawrence] an old soul.

''She has such a command of herself, such maturity and power, that it's intoxicating to work with her.''

Lawrence found shooting crime drama 'American Hustle' - which also stars Hollywood A-Listers Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner - ''so real'' and previously claimed the atmosphere on set, everything from lighting to costume, was very ''character-driven''

The Oscar-winning actress explained: ''It's all character-driven. Everything, all of it. The costumes, the lighting is all 360 so that we never stop, so there never is my close-up, your close-up. All of it is so real.''