The fallout continues after last month’s leaks of nude celebrity photos. This time, it’s Google on the chopping block. The company has been threatened with a $100 million lawsuit by the high-profile firm representing a dozen of the women, who had their photos stolen and privacy breached.

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence was one of the first women affected by the breach.

On Thursday, the corporation defended itself by saying that it had reacted to the leak quickly, taking down "tens of thousands of pictures" and closing "hundreds of accounts" in the wake of the scandal. The leaks are currently under investigation from the FBI.

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So far, the leak has affected dozens of powerful women in Hollywood, starting with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, whose stolen photos were circulated over Labor Day weekend. The pictures were leaked via sites like Reddit and 4Chan. Since then, many others have had their iCloud accounts hacked and their private photos stolen.

According to the LA Times, the new letter by attorney Martin Singer accuses the internet giant of failing to act quickly enough and when asked to remove the personal pictures from sites it owns, including YouTube and Blogspot.

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The letter does not list specific celebrities, who were targeted and instead uses the blanket term “over a dozen female celebrities, actresses, models and athletes.”

Kate Upton
Kate Upton's photos were also circulated.

The letter accused Google of using the leak to capitalize on ad revenue and demanded that the company remove all of the stolen images from sites it owns, suspend users who posted the pictures, suspend sites that solicit or facilitate the distribution of the pictures, and remove related results from its search-engine returns.