Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about her friendship with fellow actress Emma Stone.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Lawrence said the two became friends when Woody Harrelson, who worked with Lawrence on The Hunger Games and with Stone in Zombieland, predicted that they would hit it off.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence has spoken about her BFF Emma Stone

“She texted me that she got my number from Woody,” Lawrence told the magazine. “I replied, F**k off!’ And we’ve been really good friends ever since.”

Lawrence said the two actresses then texted every day for the next year. “I feel like it was our version of The Notebook—365 texts,” she added.

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“I love my job,” Lawrence continued. “I don’t know what I would be without acting. So if there is someone who loves the same thing, it should bring us closer.

“But it depends on how that person is, and Emma is so normal and lovely,” she added.

Lawrence had previously said of Stone: “If I wasn’t her biggest fan, I would’ve Tonya Harding’d her in the kneecaps.”

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During the interview Lawrence refused to confirm or deny rumours that she was now dating Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky who she worked with on the upcoming Mother.

The actress said she accepted the role in the horror-invasion movie without seeing a script, simply describing Aronofsky as “a visionary.”