Jennifer Lawrence has said in the past that one of her favourite comedy film of all time is the 1994 Farrelly brothers road trip movie Dumb and Dumber, so it really comes as little surprise to learn that the actress has jumped on board for the upcoming sequel to the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar-winner will appear briefly in a flashback sequence, in which she will play a younger version of Kathleen Turner's character, Fraida Feltcher.

Jennifer Lawrence
J-Law will feature in a cameo appearance

As THR states, Jen is currently in Atlanta, filming scenes for the third Hunger Games movie; Mockingjay (the third and final book in the series that will be split into two films) and whilst there, she and some of the cast went to visit the set of the Dumb and Dumber sequel. Whilst there, she was asked whether she'd like to appear in the film, jumping at the chance to play the younger Feltcher.

Earlier this year, during an appearance on chat show host Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show, she revealed that that Dumb and Dumber was among her favorite comedies. She told Fallon, "I know every word to Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers and Anchorman," after which she was challenged by the chat show host to recite a line from the movie, and she nailed it.

Dumb and Dumber To, which will again be directed by the Farrelly brothers and stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, is due to hit cinemas next year. The film will see the hapless imbeciles Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne reunited 20 years after the events of their last outing as they embark on another road trip. This time, when one of the fools discover they need a kidney transplant, they head out to find one of their long lost children in he hopes of reconciling with the kid, and more importantly saving themselves.

Jennifer Lawrence Cannes
Lawrence has a host of new films coming out over the next year