Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe for her role in Silver Linings Playbook and she's up for an Oscar for her role in it too. In person she seems very endearing, and naturally funny. At the moment, she is not just the Golden Globe winner, but a golden girl. However, when she's scripted for comedy, it kind of falls flat. Last night (19th Jan) she hosted Saturday Night Live, and while it wasn't terrible, it simply did not do her justice.

A lot of her quips in the opening of the show were about her fellow Golden Globe and Oscars nominees - essentially, her enemies. "You think you can beat me? Whatchu talkin' bout, Wallis? Also, the alphabet called. They want their letters back," she said about 9 year old Quvenzhane Wallis. Her name does have a lot of letters. Jessica Chastain also got a jibe: "More like, Jessica Chas-ain't-winning-no-Oscar-on-my-watch!" 

One of her other sketches was described as 'sort of racist' by EW and another one called 'Top Dog', which was about "what if everyone on Top Chef was a dog, for some reason?!" 

As EW considered, maybe the audience's lack of enthusiasm for some of the sketches was because she is simply too good for an actress - that perhaps her performance was too believable. No. It was just not great, sorry Jennifer Lawrence, you have a flaw.