Jennifer Lawrence has been slipping under the radar in the post-awards season cooldown, but that doesn’t mean the star hasn’t got a few stories to tell. Recently, the queen of relatability (and red carpet gaffes) got stalked by paparazzi on a night out with her partner Nicholas Hoult. She did the most natural thing possible, under the circumstances and flipped off the cameras through the back window of her cab.

Jennifer Lawrence
JLaw has never really been known as a delicate flower.

It’s not surprising that Lawrence didn’t enjoy the paps snooping around when she and Hoult were just enjoying a meal out. In the photos, published by the New York Daily News, the couple are just leaving a bar in London and are caught in the back of a pink taxi. Lawrence looks more than a little miffed, while Hoult appears to be gently lowering her hand, according the the News. The photo isn’t really clear.

Jennifer Lawrence
In fact, flipping off photographers has become something of a passtime for the 23-year-old Oscar winner.

t isn't Lawrence's only unfriendly encounter with photographers in recent weeks. Just Thursday, the starlet was snapped alongside Hoult but tried to hide her face inside the hood of a sweatshirt. And she doesn’t even limit herself to casual settings. Lawrence also gave the one finger salute to reporters (official ones) at the press room at the Academy Awards after nabbing her Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook." She’s an inspiration to us all, don’t you think?

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See Lawrence walking the red carpet at the Catching Fire New York Premiere last year.