It looks like Jennifer Lawrence has a new beau! The actress is reportedly dating an art gallery director from New York named Cooke Maroney, and while he's not famous like his rumoured girlfriend, the pair seem to be a great fit. Of course, the relationship is being kept as private as possible in its early days.

Jennifer Lawrence at 'Red Sparrow' premiereJennifer Lawrence at 'Red Sparrow' premiere

The 27-year-old 'Mother!' actress has apparently been dating the New York University alumnus for 'a few weeks', after being introduced by a mutual friend. This new relationship comes just a few months after Jennifer split from her boyfriend of one year, film director Darren Aronofsky.

'The relationship has been going on a few weeks. But they have been very private and careful not to be seen together', a source told Page Six. If rumours are to be believed, they met through Jennifer's best friend Laura Simpson and hit it off right away. 

If it's all true, J-Law could certainly do worse. Maroney is the director of New York's Gladstone gallery, which features art by the likes of Lena Dunham's mother Carroll Dunham, Bjork's ex Matthew Barney, Jim Hodges, Sir Anish Kapoor and Elizabeth Peyton.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has previously been linked to Chris Martin of Coldplay, and she dated her 'X-Men' co-star Nicholas Hoult for five years. The Oscar winner has previously confessed that she remains friends with all her exes, and puts that down to honesty.

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'I don't think that you can have any sort of bad relationship with anybody if you're just blunt', she said. 'Everybody always knows how you feel at all times and there's no lying, it's just honesty. Everybody's a good guy to each other. All my boyfriends have been wonderful ... Every time I go through a breakup, it's not like my heart isn't broken. They just never did anything to like, devastate me. They were just good people.'