Jennifer Lawrence bravely underwent a polygraph test during a recent interview, and fans discovered a few things about her that the actress probably never thought would get out there. They include a very bad restaurany habit, and some dark thoughts that she admits are bordering on 'psychopathic'.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 'Red Sparrow' premiereJennifer Lawrence at the 'Red Sparrow' premiere

At the start of the polygraph interview with Variety, she admits that she feels nervous. The reason why is that she feels like 'everybody hates [her]' because of the things that are said about her on the internet. Nonetheless, she proceeds with the questioning. 

We discover that the 'Red Sparrow' star regrets some of her red carpet looks, she doesn't do her own laundry, she hates pineapple on pizza and she Googles herself. She also believes in aliens but not 'soulmates', and she believes the idea of an afterlife is 'a reaction to innate narcissism that we just believe that we can't not exist'.

When it comes to moral dilemmas, she's one to use her head and react for the greater good. She would even be willing to push someone in front of a train if it would save twenty people. 

'It would be psychotic not to', she says. 'In fact, everytime I'm in the subway, I always think about pushing people on the tracks. I don't do it, I don't get tempted to do it, but it crosses my mind.'

As well as having random dark thoughts like that, she's also a really bad tipper. She lies that she always gives a good tip i.e. more than fifteen per cent. More than twenty per cent 'when it's appropriate'. However, she is then forced to confess that that is not entirely true. 

'Oh jeez. Oh God, I'm a bad tipper, ok? I can't believe I'm rich and a bad tipper, it's heartbreaking', she says, looking a little downcast.

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Maybe she'll change that particular habit now that she's been outed about it.