Jennifer Lawrence rescued Katherine Heigl's dog this week.

The 'State of Affairs' star, who runs her own foundation to help get dogs out of shelters and into loving homes, has revealed the 'Hunger Games' star reunited her with her Chihuahua, Gertrude, after the pooch escaped from her hotel room in Manhattan, New York City on Thursday (13.11.14).

Recalling the incident, the 35-year-old star said: ''Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing! I had to use the facilities so I went to my mom's room because a lot of people were in my room.

''I guess when I got out - she [Gertrude] gets really upset and nervous when she can't see me or hear me - so she must have snuck out of my room, and suddenly I just hear this voice in the hallway like, 'Whose dog is this? Somebody lost their dog.' And I'm like, 'Mom, it's probably Gertrude.' So my mom goes out and Jennifer Lawrence has my dog.''

The former 'Grey's Anatomy' star is upset she never got to thank the 24-year-old Oscar winner.

She said: ''I was so mad [that I missed her] because I was like wait, I love her.''

Katherine has adopted 34 animals since moving from Los Angeles to a farm in Utah last year with husband Josh Kelley and daughters Naleigh, five, and Adalaide, two.

She told the 'Today' show: ''Yeah, I think it's 34. I don't know, I haven't done the math. I have eight dogs, four cats, nine horses, two miniature horses, two donkeys, two goats, and we had 10 chickens but two died.''