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Woman Jailed For Watching 'Monster-in-Law'. Sorry, Renting 'Monster-in-Law'

Jennifer Lopez Jane Fonda

A South Carolina woman has been jailed for one night for failing to return a VHS tape she rented in 2005. Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, will probably look towards streaming services like Neflix and LoveFilm from now on after being hit with a misdemeanour charge of failure to return the video.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez Starred in 'Monster-In-Law'

Finley was arrested in Pickens County on Thursday, according to CNN affiliate WYFF-TV. The movie in question - Mother-in-Law starring Jennifer Lopez an Jane Fonda -  was rented from video store Dalton Videos, which has since gone out of business. 

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Final 30 "American Idol" Wannabees Make It Through Hollywood Week

Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr.

American Idol is just about to get good – this week finally ends the auditions round and the final 30 are revealed. First-time judge Harry Connick Jr. opened with a sobering message to the remaining constestants – don’t cry out loud. Connick told Idol hopefuls to stay calm, only he put it differently: "This is show business… suck it up," he told them.

Harry Connick Jr. American Idol Premiere
Harry Connick Jr. began by giving contestants some harsh, but honest advice.

Then he and his fellow judges proceeded to whittle down the contestants to the final lineup, which includes the show’s very first openly gay participant in the outspoken MK Nobilette. Took them long enough. Anyway, here are some highlights from the night. Emily Piriz kicked things off behind the piano with "Stars" by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, which earned her cheers from the audience, as well as judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Jillian Jensen, who might be familiar from her unsuccessful X Factor run, made it through auditions as well. Tuba player Malaya Watson provided some much needed quirkiness and also made the cut, as did Jess Meuse, beating Jesse Roach in a tense sing-off.

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With Lowest Ratings Ever, "American Idol" Might Be Circling The Drain

Jennifer Lopez Harry Connick Jr. Keith Urban

American Idol is back with an updated judging panel, yet again. This season sees the return of Jennifer Lopez – one of the most popular judges in Idol history – as well as a new face, Harry Connick Jr. The show kicked off on January 15th, but you’d be forgiven for missing it – most US viewers did. Despite the updated panel, which producers hoped would breathe new life into the franchise, Season 13 has so far been the lowest rated one. 20th Century Fox COO Chase Carey spoke about Idol’s flaws to a crowd of Wall Street analysts on Thursday. The message was pretty clear – despite the renovations, American Idol’s glory days are in the past.

Jennifer Lopez, Fox TCA Winter Press Tour
Even favorite judge Jennifer Lopez can't save this sinking ship.

The Fox chief operating officer told analysts on Thursday that the decision to bring back Jennifer Lopez as a judge and add Harry Connick Jr to the mix had resulted in a show that was “much better than it was a year ago”, but one that is also showing its age (quotes via The Hollywood Reporter).

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American Idol Premiere Pt. 2 Recap: Harsh Connick Jr. Gets Harsher And Jennifer Lopez Cringes

Harry Connick Jr. Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban

Last night saw the second part of the American Idol season 13 premiere, only this evening the auditions continued in Austin and San Francisco. The previous episode's auditions had been fairly uneventful in terms of drama but Part 2 was where it started to get interesting.

American Idol Panel
The Judges Began To Show Their Real Personalities In The 'American Idol' Premiere.

After complaining that none of the contestants knew who he was, singer and actor-turned Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. decided to ensure that they would at least never forget him. Harry's no-nonsense style of judging takes the panel on a departure from the more sympathetic style of judging seen on Idol seasons of late and more of a return to the stereotypical Simon Cowell-esque strain of talent show nasty.

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American Idol Returns With Revamped Panel And New Attitude: Recap

Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr. Nicki Minaj Mariah Carey

American Idol is now back and focussing on the only thing that really matters on the talent show: the contestants. The last season of the singing talent contest saw ratings in freefall as viewers bored with judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's bickering turned elsewhere, giving Idol its lowest ever ratings.

American Idol Panel
The Judges & Ryan Seacrest: New Season Means Back To Business.

As Idol's viewing figures plummeted, rival show The Voice loomed nearby ready to dominate. Of course, the producers and even judges themselves weren't blind to what was happening therefore decided to give the panel and format a revamp in time for the current season 13.

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Jennifer Lopez Unsure If She Will Marry For Fourth Time

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is unsure if marriage will be on the cards for her again despite being in a longterm relationship with back-up dancer Casper Smart (25).

The 44 year-old first got married to a Cuban waiter called Ojani Noa in February 1997 but ended shortly after in January 1998.

Lopez then married former back-up dancer Cris Judd in another short partnership, they were together from September 2001 until June 2002.

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American Idol Finale To Be Held In New York? New Season Prepares For Lift-Off

Jennifer Lopez Candice Glover Randy Jackson Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr. Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj

American Idol's 13th season could be held in New York City, if there's any truth to the rumours currently flying around. The upcoming new season of the singing talent contest is preparing for launch but has beefed up its usual format and streamlined its panel of judges.

American Idol Contestants
Season 12's Contestants Before They Were Whittled Away.

Apparently, plans are in place to have the final contestants battle it out on stage at the city's prestigious Madison Square Gardens in front of a giant arena audience of 8,000, according to THR. De-camping from L.A to NYC would represent a major move for the show, which has seen a decline in ratings to rival show The Voice in recent years.

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Is 'American Idol' Moving To New York For Season 13 Finale?

American Idol Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr. Nigel Lythgoe

American Idol will be back for its thirteenth season on Tuesday, 14 January, with an (almost) entirely new judging panel holding down the reins for the long-running singing contest. Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. aren't the only new things to come out of the latest season of Idol either, as the new season may also mark the move from West to East Coast for the show.

Keith Urban J-Lo
Keith Urban and J-Lo are returning to the judge's seats

According to various reports, with The Hollywood Reporter first generating the rumours, American Idol will dig up it's Los Angeles-based root and make the journey across country for the eventual final. After twelve years in the City of Angels, the show may be moving to the newly refurbished Madison Square Garden in New York City for its conclusive episodes, with the last two instalments of the thirteenth season scheduled for 20 and 21 May.

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'American Idol' Is Ready To Launch Season 13

American Idol Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Harry Connick Jr.

It's that time again — American Idol is about the launch another season. The show promises this time will be different.

American IdolContestants from season 12 of 'American idol'

Season 13 will kick off with former judge Jennifer Lopez coming back, after taking a season off. She will join Keith Urban, and brand new judge Harry Connick, Jr.

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Harry Connick Jr. Picked As Third 'American Idol' Judge

Harry Connick Jr. Keith Urban Jennifer Lopez Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj

Harry Connick Jr. will be pitching up next to Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez in the upcoming season of the ever-popular American Idol, as the singer has been confirmed as the third and final artist to sit in the judge's seat next season. Having served as a mentor on the show on multiple occasions, the singer will finally ascend to the judge's table for the show's 13th season, The Hollywood Reporter first revealed.

Harry Connick Jr
Harry Connick Jr. may possibly last more than one season as a judge

On Friday (30 August) it was confirmed that the crooner had signed a deal to become the latest judge on the show as producers apparently wanted a lack of female presence on the show following the friction and drama that followed last season's bickering judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. The friction between the two reflected particularly badly in the show's key demographic; older women, something that the addition of Connick will hopefully strengthen this time around.

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'California Gurls' Hitmaker Dr Luke Will NOT Judge 'American Idol' To Avoid Sony/Universal Clash

Dr Luke Jennifer Lopez Kelly Clarkson Becky G Kesha Pink

Forget everything you've heard, hitmaker supreme Dr Luke will not be joining the judge's panel on American Idol, despite earlier news. It was reported that Dr Luke would sit alongside returning panel members Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the singing talent contest to judge pop star hopefuls for a 13th season.

Dr Luke Katy Perry
Dr Luke [L] Is The Man Behind Many Popstars.

Luke, with a history of writing hits for former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, as well as P!nk's 'Who Knew' and Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl,' apparently made through the judge's selection process to become one of the last candidates standing after a month's long search for the next discerning talent judge.

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Taylor Swift Performs Her 'Hairbrush Song' With Jennifer Lopez

Taylor Swift Jennifer Lopez Ellie Goulding

Jennifer Lopez joined Taylor Swift on stage to sing a special rendition of 'Jenny From the Block'. Swift was in Los Angeles performing at the Staples Centre on her Red Tour when Lopez joined her on stage. Swift announced Lopez's entry by asking the crowd "So I'm just wondering, Los Angeles, how would you feel if there was a special surprise guest?" Lopez's performance marked the end of Swift's four night run in Los Angeles.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performing at the Staples Center, L.A. on her Red Tour.

Swift described her Los Angeles audience as an "incredible, amazing, wonder, unforgettable crowd." She then hyped up the unsuspecting audience by asking them "now I don't know about you, but when I was little, you know you had that favourite song? That you used to play over and over and over again? Just blast it in your room. And you'd sing in front of your mirror into a hairbrush, right? And you had that one favourite song. Los Angeles," Taylor announced "this is my hairbrush song." Lopez appeared on stage, in a highly rehearsed performance, wearing a sparkling white outfit which complimented Swift's black sequined shorts. 

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Dr. Luke Joins Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban As Third 'American Idol' Judge

Dr Luke Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Simon Cowell Kelly Clarkson Nicki Minaj Kesha Tom Jones Jennifer Hudson Steven Tyler Mariah Carey Paula Abdul

Dr. Luke will be joining Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the judging panel of American Idol. Dr. Luke a.k.a. Lukas Gottwald is the third judge to be announced with another yet to be agreed upon. E! first reported the news.

Dr Luke
Dr Luke (L) with Katy Perry and Max Martin (R) with their ASCAP Awards in 2012.

Gottwald is a songwriter and producer who is responsible for the likes of Kelly Clarkson's 'Since U Been Gone'; Kesha's 'Tik Tok' and Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'. As Urban and Lopez are involved in the performance side of the music industry, Gottwald is likely to provide an interesting perspective when judging the televised singing competition. 

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Jennifer Lopez's Stalker Camped Inside Her Hamptons Mansion For Six Days

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez had a stalker living in her Hamptons mansion for six days without being noticed, with the deranged fan camping out on her pool house sofa and making himself feel right at home before someone actually questioned why there was a creepy guy walking around her property and police were finally notified.

Jennifer Lopez
How could someone become so infatuated with J-Lo? Oh wait...

As first reported by the New York Post, 49-year-old John Dubis allegedly parked right outside the $10 million Water Mill propert in plain sight, and calmly moved into the star's pool house for the mini-break. Sources close to the bizarre situation told the NYP that Dubis moved into the Hamptons mansion without permission in early August and after parking his car in plain sight out in front of the property, he moved into the star's pool house as though he had been invited over by the superstar as a guest. The stalker slept on her couch and even cleaned up parts of the property, as well as setting up his own blog to post snaps from his 'holiday.' Using the online pseudonym 'David A Lopez,' he wrote such bizarre comments as “Some more david and jenny art, Newport, RI,” as a caption for a snap he took of J-Lo's mansion.

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Jennifer Lopez's Stalker Moves In To Singer's Mansion

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's stalker, John M. Dubis, made the singer's pool house his home for weeks. The 49-year-old was arrested after being discovered in the grounds of her mansion in the Hamptons. According to Southampton police, Dubis had been living on Lopez's property since early August, he moved in around 2nd August. He was bold enough to wander around the grounds freely and even published photographs on Facebook, according to TMZ.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez was away from her Hamptons home when her stalker moved in.

Dubis was finally discovered by a worker on Lopez's property on 8th August, when police were called and Dubis arrested. He initially claimed to be Lopez's husband (even though she is not married) when questioned by the worker. When the police were called he claimed he was the father of her children. 

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Boyfriend Casper Smart Makes "Smart" Move To Confirm Singer's Return To Idol

Jennifer Lopez

Rumours that J-Lo will be returning to American Idol this fall have been swirling for months, but even after the Deadline announcement that the singer had reportedly signed a $15 million season deal, nothing had been confirmed by the singer or Fox. Now however, it seems that a source much closer to J-Lo has spilled the beans. During an interview discussing his own show A Step Away, Jen’s significant other, Casper Smart, made the sort-of announcement when probed about the singer’s possible involvement with Idol.

Jennifer Lopez, Viva Movil Opening
Is JLo returning to Idol? Signs point to yes.

Casper is a backing dancer for Lopez and, when questioned by E! he is said to have confirmed Lopez’s highly anticipated return. Of course, it would make sense for American Idol producers to try to get Lopez back on the show, considering that she was a fan favorite and that during her brief stint as a judge, Idol enjoyed some of its highest ratings since the beginning. Again according to E!, a source close to the Love Don’t Cost a Thing Singer mentioned that Lopez’s possible return to American Idol made perfect sense.

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Keith Urban Set For Idol Return - Jennifer Lopez Close, Too

Keith Urban Jennifer Lopez American Idol

So successful was country music judge Keith Urban, that American Idol have signed up for more. Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly confirmed the news, and hinted that something may be close for Jennifer Lopez to make a return to the show.

"Keith did a great job last year. The fans really liked him. Keith's a really funny guy," Reilly said. "You could see how much he loved the show." Urban will slide back into judging action when Idol returns in January 2014.

But Will J-Lo be donning her winter attire and joining the country star on the panel?

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American Idol Judges: Keith Urban Confirmed And Jennifer Lopez In Talks

Jennifer Lopez Keith Urban Jennifer Hudson Dr Luke American Idol

Keith Urban will return to the American Idol judging panel. The show will start its 13th season with a new (well returning) set of judges and will, possibly, have a new format. Fox entertainment Chief Kevin Reilly told the press on Thursday (1st August) at the Television Critics Association press tour that Urban would definitely be returning to judge.

Keith Urban
Keith Urban at the 2012 American Idol Finale Results Show Live at the Nokia Theater in L.A.

On Urban's return, Reilly said "the fans really like him." He continued to compliment Urban by saying "Keith is a really funny guy."

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Jennifer Lopez Sobs As She Receives 'World Icon' Award In Front Of Ex-Hubby Marc Anthony & His New Girlfriend

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony Pitbull

Singer Jennifer Lopez not only had to accept an award but also had to perform live with Pitbull in front of her ex-husband Marc Anthony and his girlfriend, Topshop heiress Chloe Green, at Miami's Spanish Premios Juventud awards.

J.Lo Performed In Defiance Of Her Ex & His New Younger Girlfriend.

It's been a month of highs and lows for 'Jenny From The Block' singer Jennifer Lopez. She faced severe criticism from the media, her fans and human rights organisations after she performed at the president of Turkmenistan's birthday party, topping off that lovely lucrative cake of torture and human rights horrors with a big, round "Happy Birthday Mr. President" cherry. Oops.

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Jennifer Lopez Asked To Explain Herself Following Turkmenistan Gig

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez must have thought she was about to make the easiest couple of million dollars of her life when she was asked to fly out to an isolated part of Central Asia and perform a one off show for a handful of dignitaries, and rather than doing her research into the country she was about to perform in the diva went straight ahead with the concert without a second thought. She might be regretting her readiness somewhat though, as her show in the former Soviet province of Turkmenistan has whipped up a storm of controversy.

Jennifer Lopez Hollywood Walk
J-Lo is caught in the middle of a PR disaster

Turkmenistan is somewhat comparable to North Korea, given that it is ruled over by a cult-driven dictator - Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov - who maintains absolute power and authority over the Turkmen population, regularly manipulating his power for personal gain. In the past and even today the county is seen as a human rights red ward, with strick regulations on the media and internet, public speech, education and propaganda all in force, making social media sites like Twitter strictly forbidden among the public and tightly regulated among visiting parties - something the J-Lo team didn't seem to realised, in particular her choreographer J.R. Taylor, who wrote on Twitter; "I wonder were all my Turkmenistan followers are!? Hit me up!"

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Uh-Oh: J.Lo Serenades Turkmenistan's Human Rights Flouting President

Jennifer Lopez

Turkmenistan, if you've never heard of it, is a country that sits below Uzbekistan, just across the waters from Azerbaijan. No? Never mind. USA's 'Jenny From the Block' singer J.Lo was performing a corporate concert hosted by the China National Petroleum Group to an audience which included Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the president of the former Soviet country. After singing three songs to rapturous applause, the 43 year-old entertainer decided to round off her performance with a sweet rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to 56 year-old Berdymukhamedov, unaware of his history of human rights violations.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Has Been Criticised For Singing 'Happy Birthday' To Turkmenistan's President.

Berdymukhamedov AKA The Birthday Boy AKA Arkadag ('The Patron') is notorious for having journalists thrown into prison and critics of his government tortured in a country known to be the second worst in the world for press freedom and that fiercely discriminates against ethnic minorities. The incident is particularly bad press for Amnesty International supporter J.Lo with her involvement in Mexico helping to curb violence against women, according to The Week, as it shows an incongruity between her supposed morals and her loyalties as a working performer. Despite being reportedly paid a high sum of money to perform, J.Lo maintains she wasn't aware that Turkmenistan is ranked as the third most oppressive place in the world to live.

Continue reading: Uh-Oh: J.Lo Serenades Turkmenistan's Human Rights Flouting President

Jennifer Lopez Apologizes Following Controversial Turkmenistan Performance

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has issued an apology to anyone she may have offended when she performed in the developing Asia nation of Turkmenistan. The singer/actress performed a hit-filled private set for the president of the former Soviet republic, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, on his 56th birthday, ending the night with a rendition of 'Happy Birthday Mr President' - a move that has earned her heaps of criticism given the appalling human right record in the dictator-run country.

Jennifer Lopez Hollywood Walk
J-Lo denied any knowledge of the country's past

Turkmenistan is known by the Human Rights Watch as "one of the world's most repressive countries," in which the gas and oil-rich hermit nation is ruled by the cult of Berdymukhamedov, who uses the country's natural resources to make himself and his dignitaries immensely rich, whilst most of the population lives in poverty. J-Lo has since issued an apology for her performance and for the warm reception she gave the president, admitting that had she known about the country's human rights history she would have never agreed to perform their in the first place.

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Jennifer Lopez Apologises For Turkmenistan Performance

Jennifer Lopez Usher Beyonce Knowles Michael Jackson Naomi Campbell Oliver Stone

Jennifer Lopez appeared on Saturday (29th June 2013) at the birthday celebrations of Turkmenistan's president, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov. The nation has a history of abysmal Human Rights, according to Human Rights Watch. Lopez has been criticised for performing, however the situation has drawn attention to the country and its leaders. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez at 4th Annual amfAR Inspiration Gala, The Plaza Hotel, New York

Lopez is not the only celebrity to entertain unsavoury characters. Oliver Stone worked with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez; Naomi Campbell accepted a diamond from Liberian dictator Charles Taylor; Michael Jackson was harboured by Prince Abdullah al-Khalifa of Bahrain and Beyonce and Usher performed for Hannibal Gadhafi. 

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Jennifer Lopez Slammed For Raunchy Outfit On Family Show [Video]

Jennifer Lopez Randy Jackson American Idol Simon Cowell Britain's Got Talent Mariah Carey Keith Urban

Jennifer Lopez gave UK viewers of Simon Cowell's Britains Got Talent a real eyeful on Tuesday night, performing her new single 'Live It Up' while wearing a skimpy black leotard that barely covered her famous behind. Twitter immediately sprang into action, with some parents concerned about the "inappropriate" nature of her performance on what is considered a family show, with some young children actually performing.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a spokesperson for TV regualtor Ofcom said, "Ofcom can confirm that it has received complaints about the Britain's Got Talent broadcast last night, which we are assessing but not currently investigating." One viewer on Twitter said, "BGT does #jenniferlopez realise it's a family show - only thing missing was the pole - cover up your cheeks please!" though judge Simon Cowell was pretty happy with how things went, telling Lopez, "Seriously, J-Lo. If anyone wants to know how you do it. That's how you do it,' he said. "Seriously world class."

For what it's worth, Lopez herself seemed pretty oblivious to any concerns and happily posted an Instagram of the R&B star being held up by various dancers. "Thanks @GotTalent for a great night #liveitup," she added.

Watch Jennifer Lopez's Britain's Got Talent performance, courtest of Daily Motion.

Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up (Live Britain's Got... by JohnJLover

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American Idol Hasn't Called Keith Urban Yet, (Do You Want To Tell Him, Or Should We?)

Keith Urban American Idol Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj Randy Jackson Jennifer Lopez

Keith Urban says he is still awaiting his fate on American Idol and remains in the dark of producer's plans for the new season. Urban has been a popular and inoffensive judge on the show for season twelve, though industry sources suggest Fox are planning a complete overhaul of the show for season thirteen.

"I have no official information of anything. I'm pretty much in the same boat as everybody else here with the rumors that have been floating around," Urban told the Associated Press, "I don't know anything more about what's happening next season. It was like this before I signed on . . . so it's not unusual for the Idol folks to be in this place of figuring out what they want to do, then they always pull it together." Last week, E! News reported that Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Urban would be replaced by Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert and possibly Aiken. American Idol producers were left red-faced midway through season twelve after it emerged they had tried to replace Mariah with previous judge Jennifer Lopez following dwindling viewer ratings. Carey's legal team blocked any such thing from happening.

We assume Urban wouldn't be too fussed should Idol bosses want to take the show in a different direction. His new album Fuse will hit shelves on September 10, 2013 and he'll head out on a huge tour in mid-July. Oh, and he's married to Nicole Kidman. So...

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Star Frenzy At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards With Arrivals From The Likes Of Taylor Swift To Jennifer Lopez [Photos]

Taylor Swift The Billboard Music Awards Carly Rae Jepsen Madonna Nicki Minaj Chad Kroeger Avril Lavigne Wiz Khalifa Kesha Selena Gomez Chris Brown Jennifer Lopez Chloe Moretz Miley Cyrus David Guetta

Taylor Swift at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards
Taylor Swift at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards looked to be one of the most celeb-filled events of the year with some of the music industry's biggest stars making their glamorous arrivals. 

'22' singer Taylor Swift clutched eight accolades to her chest as she posed on the red carpet having won Top Billboard 200 Album and Top Country Album for 'Red', Top Country Song with 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist and Top Country Artist. Carly Rae Jepsen was another young female star to land a prize winning Top Digital Song and Top Pop Song for her massive 2012 hit 'Call Me Maybe'. Queen of Pop Madonna scooped up three well deserved awards including Top Dance Album for 'MDNA', Top Dance Artist and Top Touring Artist after her controversial 'MDNA' tour which landed her amidst a handful of lawsuits. There was no sign of letting up on the controversial front either as she donned hotpants, suspenders and fishnets at the Billboard event. Top Streaming Artist, Top Rap Artist and Top Rap Album with 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded' went to Nicki Minaj while Top EDM Artist was none other than David Guetta who brought his wife Cathy Guetta along with him to the awards show.

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Jennifer Lopez's Video Shoot Interrupted By Gunshots In Fort Lauderdale

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's video shoot for new single Live It Up didn't exactly go to plan on Sunday (May 5, 2013) after gunshots were heard ringing out in Fort Lauderdale, close to where Lopez was working with rapper Pitbull. The R&B superstar had been photographed earlier in the day wearing a black bikini and green caftan.

"BREAKING: Gunshots fired on Fort Lauderdale Beach DURING my JLo interview. No kidding. Security scrambled her away," tweeted Entertainment Tonight's Rob Marciano, who was on the set with the singer. He later wrote, "Can hear & see ambulances converging 400 yards down the street.Police confirming: 'shots fired. no one hit.' Whew." Police confirmed to that Lopez and Pitbull were shooting the video on the south side of Ft Lauderdale Beach Park and that the shooting occurred on the northernmost point. 

Neither Lopez not Pitbull mentioned the incident on their Twitter feeds on Monday, though the rapper said, "thank u @JLo for another amazing opportunity & giving me a chance 2 learn from u muchas muchas gracias besoteeeee."

Continue reading: Jennifer Lopez's Video Shoot Interrupted By Gunshots In Fort Lauderdale

Mariah Carey Refuses Backstage 'Idol' Interviews After Replacement Reports

Mariah Carey American Idol Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey nor Nicki Minaj stopped for post-show backstage interviews following reports that producers had attempted to reshuffle the judging line-up midway through the current season. According to the Hollywood Reporter, bosses had attempted to force Carey out of the show and replace her with Jennifer Lopez, though the diva caught wind of the plan and got her legal team involved. Meanwhile, producers are apparently also on the hunt for a replacement for Nicki Minaj after she failed to connect with audiences.

Sources have since confirmed the replacement reports to E! online, with it now known that producers attempted to have Lopez return to the judging desk to save ratings. After Wednesday's show, contestant Kree Harrison voiced her support for Mariah though didn't exactly dismiss the idea of Lopez returning. "I would love to meet J.Lo.but I don't wanna see [Mariah] go nowhere because I love her, you know." According to E! online, Harrison was "rushed off to another interview by a publicist" after the subject came up.

The other girls in the competition were also quick to stand by the current judging panel, with Angie Miller admitting that it was "so weird hearing [the reports]. I say forget it!" In response to Ryan Seacrest's announcement that a "big surprise" would take place this week, Amber Holcomb hinted at the possibility of Lopez returning, saying, ""I think somebody's coming back!" she said excitedly. 

Continue reading: Mariah Carey Refuses Backstage 'Idol' Interviews After Replacement Reports

"American Idol" Might Bump Mariah Carey In Favor Of Jennifer Lopez Due To Poor Ratings

Mariah Carey Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj

It’s no secret that “American Idol” has been struggling in the ratings department for a few seasons now and that the latest overhaul of the judjing panel, including the addition of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj was meant to remedy the situation. That hasn’t happened unfortunately, as viewer numbers continue to plummet. Currently, Idol is pulling in around 12-13 million viewers, about half of its viewership in the glory days. Adding Carey and Nicki Minaj to the mix was meant to stir up some drama, ignite a spark in the judging panel that would get the viewers interested again, but their half-hearted disagreements weren’t exactly what the viewers, and consequently Fox, were looking for.

This sparked rumours that Fox was gearing up to replace Carey mid-season, possibly with veteran panelist Jennifer Lopez. Lopez’s previous appointment as a judge did manage to boost ratings for her first season, before things returned to their disappointingly anemic average and Lopez was booted off. The rumour that Carey now faces the same fate – a termination of her $18 million contract, originated from a report by The Hollywood Reporter, which claimed that Fox execs were considering the switch back.

Fox Entertainment Chairman Keith Reily however, has denied that the network has any intention of firing Mariah and noted that even though Idol’s ratings are slipping, they are still higher than any other reality format. With that and with Mariah’s killer legal team, reportedly threatening legal action, according to New York Daily News, Carey’s judging gig is still looking pretty secure.

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Is Jennifer Lopez Replacing Mariah Carey On American Idol?

Jennifer Lopez Mariah Carey

Things aren’t going well for American Idol this season, and if rumors are to believe there’s been some serious panic behind the scenes, with producers reportedly mulling over the option of bringing Jennifer Lopez back in to replace Mariah Carey.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Fox show bosses were looking into the switch, with the big move of bringing Carey in to judge having little effect on revitalizing the tired format, with ratings sliding ever further. Apparently though Carey got wind that they were thinking of bringing back Lopez, who was a critical and ratings smash when she was on the show between 2010 and 2012, and threatened litigation.

So are these reports true? A Fox spokeswoman says no: "This is just another ridiculous Idol judge rumor, likely started by talks of Jennifer performing on the finale” they said. Producer Fremantle NorthAmerica declined to comment, meanwhile. A rep for Carey denied the allegations, and Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe said: "I have not been included in any conversation regarding replacing Mariah with Jen this season.” So maybe not. But something’s definitely rotten with American Idol, which has seen rival, NBC’s The Voice rise to ratings of 5.2 at the same time its own have dropped to as low as 2.8. Maybe the fact of the matter is that it’s impossible to keep a show format that’s been largely the same for 11 years fresh? Everything has to come to an end sometime.

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Parker Review

Very Good

Far better made than it has any right to be, this cheesy 70s-style thriller is given a thoroughly engaging kick by veteran filmmaker Hackford working outside his usual dramatic genre. It's predictable and far too long, but Hackford grounds everything in gritty reality, avoiding obnoxious effects work while indulging in entertaining innuendo and riotously nasty action sequences.

None of this is much of a stretch for the cast, and Statham's Parker is essentially the same character he always plays: a ruthlessly efficient, indestructible criminal with a conscience. After a gang of thugs (including Chiklis and Collins) betrays him following a fairgrounds heist, Parker miraculously recovers from his hideous injuries and heads to Florida to get revenge. He uses local estate agent Leslie (Lopez) to find the gang's lair, and she's instantly attracted to the way he fills out his designer suit. Living with her soap-addict mum (LuPone), Leslie is looking for a wealthy man to rescue her. And she's already too involved when she realises that Parker isn't who he seems to be. 

There isn't much to the plot, which is packed with contrived twists and turns and never follows through the intriguing possibilities along the way. At least the film avoids the usual action cliches, as Hackford sharply orchestrates each fight sequence to make it both lucid and startlingly brutal. This earthy approach keeps things relatively believable, until Parker emerges with yet another serious injury that doesn't slow him down at all. Meanwhile, Hackford injects plenty of eyebrow-raising flirtation that keeps us smiling. Statham and Lopez may not be stretching themselves as actors, but they clearly have a lot of fun circling around each other like dogs on heat.

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Was Adele Telling Chris Brown Off? She Tweets The Truth

Adele Chris Brown Rihanna Beyonce Knowles Katy Perry Jennifer Lopez Grammy Awards

While some bands got some awards and gave some speeches, the real essence of The Grammys could be found elsewhere. What? You might ask; celebrity gossip of course! And what could be better than British powerhouse singer Adele telling Chris Brown off... or did she?

The photo certainly suggest she was giving him an earful for not awarding Frank Ocean with a standing ovation, which everyone else did, or for beating up Rihanna all those years ago. Adele looks like she's shouting, and Brown looks on the defensive, but that's not really the way it panned out. "Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!" tweeted the Skyfall singer and Oscar nominee, confirming that a war of words didn't, in fact, take place. Adele, bless her, seemed star struck herself. And this is a 9-time Grammy award-winning artist! She was prancing around grabbing pictures with all the A-listers, including Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and of course, the controversial Mr. Brown. 

There was one person she didn't get a picture with though, and that was Ukrainian TV prankster Vitalii Sediuk, who climbed up when the Brit singer won Best Pop Solo Performance and said: "It's such an honour to receive this award" Jennifer Lopez sorted him out, and he ended up spending a night in jail. Worth it? Probably. 

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55th Grammys Preview: 'Music's Biggest Night' Wont Fail To Impress

Grammy Awards Beyonce Knowles Prince Taylor Swift Maroon 5 Kelly Clarkson Florence and the Machine Frank Ocean Alicia Keys Elton John Ed Sheeran Bruno Mars Sting Jennifer Lopez Rihanna Justin Timberlake Justin Bieber Mumford And Sons Fun Black Keys Jack White

Annually, the Grammys is one of the biggest events for music across America and in Europe. In fact, it has dubbed itself 'music's biggest night'. Celebrating the best in pop, hiphop, soul, R&B and much of what comes in between, it never fails to be a veritable who's who from the Spotify playlists of the masses. And this year will be no different. Not only are the nominees ones to look out for, absences are worthy of note, as are this year's presenters and some very special performances.

As Yahoo report, this year's presenters include Grammy royalty, Prince, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez, all of whom have been nominated or won Grammys before.  

In terms of performances to look forward to, this year we have some unusual and largely unexpected pair ups. Elton John and Ed Sheeran will take to the stage together. An unusual pairing, they're both Brits with unusual song writing talent. While John is a true showman and is well known for his intereSting outfits and outrageous glasses, Sheeran is distinctly more low key. We're not sure how this is going to work, but we're guessing it'll be great. Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna will all also perform together, as will Alicia Keys and Maroon 5, and Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert. 

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Ben Affleck Grilled At Oscar Nominees 2013 Luncheon, Argo Star Remains Humble

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Paul Thomas Anderson

Ben Affleck maintained his poise and positive outlook at the Oscar Nominees 2013 Luncheon yesterday (February 4, 2013) when he was quizzed about the Best Director category.

Affleck has been controversially omitted from the directors’ category, despite his movie Argo being included in the Best Picture category. Affleck’s career has been a chequered one (mainly marred by the work he did with Jennifer Lopez) and although many considered him a shoe-in for the Best Director statuette, he was left out of the category altogether.

Affleck has remained humble though and insists that he’s not the only director to have been omitted from the Academy’s voting process. Huffington Post reported from the luncheon, where Affleck told those gathered “There's a lot of people who were part of this process who didn't get nominated for Best Picture that I still want to work with that I think are amazing; Paul Thomas Anderson is one example. So this is an incredibly rich, robust group of filmmakers, and I'm just happy to be rubbing elbows with them.”

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Jennifer Lopez - The Ultimate Single Lady In Leather And Spikes

Jennifer Lopez Jason Statham

Jennifer Lopez has been in the news a lot recently, following her divorce from Marc Anthony and of course, her new film, Parker.

The thing that everyone seemed most impressed with, however, weren’t J Lo’s acting credentials, or even her personal life, but her wardrobe choices – like most times actually, because lets face it, there haven’t been any Oscar nods for Lopez as far as we can remember. On top of that, Parker hasn’t really created a media storm at all and, apart from Jason Statham and Lopez herself, there haven’t been any notable names attached to the project.

However, her style is definitely unique and Jennifer definitely flaunted it during her appearance on the Katie show this week. The singer donned a leather jumpsuit and capped off the outfit with some bang-on-trend spiky heels. We’re not sure how we feel about this combo, to be honest, but J Lo’s affinity for The Jumpsuit has become infamous over the years. To be fair, if the lady can pull it off, who’s to stop her from adding a little edge to her appearance, especially in light of her newly recovered single lady status? And if that edge comes in the form of shiny jumpsuits, well… ok, it looks a bit odd, but if there’s one person who can pull it off, it’s Jennifer Lopez.

'Parker Premiere': Jennifer Lopez Goes Commando? Coco Austin Shocks! (Pictures)

Jennifer Lopez Coco Austin Jason Statham

Jennifer Lopez, Parker Premiere, Las VegasJennifer Lopez Was The Star Attraction At The 'Parker Premiere' In Las Vegas

Jennifer Lopez appeared to "go commando" at the Las Vegas premiere of her new drama-thriller 'Parker' on Thursday evening (January 24, 2013). Let us explain: the 43-year-old actress wore a figure-hugging white gown, which looked fairly innocuous at first glance, though the sheer side panels gave the game away - Lopez was indeed wearing no underwear. Still, the R&B star and former American Idol judge looked pretty elegant, accentuating her signature curves while beaming for the cameras.

The movie stars Jason Statham as a thief with a unique code of professional ethics who is double-crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assuming his new disguise and forming an unlikely alliance with a woman on the inside (Lopez), the professional criminal looks to hijack his former crew's latest heist.

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Video - Jennifer Lopez And Jason Statham Wow At Parker Screening

Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham arrive for a screening of their new crime-thriller 'Parker' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Dressed head-to-toe in Lanvin, Lopez was all smiles for the cameras and spent time signing autographs for fans and posing for snaps. Letting his leading lady take the spotlight, Statham briefly posed for pictures before making his way into the museum.

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Stars Have Their Say On Beyonce Miming The National Anthem...

Beyonce Knowles Aretha Franklin Jennifer Lopez

...Or not miming the national anthem, as we can't quite figure out whom to believe. 

Either way, Beyonce's fellow celebs have weighed in on the controversy, but first, some context: The U.S. Marine Band said in a statement on Tuesday that the musical accompaniment was pre-recorded, explaining that "there was no opportunity for Ms. Knowles-Carter to rehearse with the Marine Band before the Inauguration so it was determined that a live performance by the band was ill-advised for such a high-profile event."

They then backtracked on that saying in the statement that "regarding Ms. Knowles-Carter's vocal performance, no one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded."

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Denise Richards Mourns French Bulldog Hank, Aged 13

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen Jennifer Lopez

While Denise Richards mourns her pet bulldog Hank - who died aged 13 on Sunday (Sunday 20, 2013) - fellow Jennifer Lopez is just getting to know her new addition to the family, a boxer dog named Frank. Richards - the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen - took to Twitter this week to express her sadness over the passing of lovable Hank.

"Last night we lost our beloved Hank," the actress wrote. "I will miss him dearly, 13 yrs old... been there for me thru it all Best dog ever & part of our family." Fortunately for the Hollywood actress, she recently adopted a rescue puppy, possibly acknowledging the fact that old Hank didn't have much left in the tank. Animal lover Richards also has many other pet cats to keep her company, and her three children of course! 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are expanding their family with the arrival of a little brown boxer dog named Bear. Smart, 25, who works as a backing dancer for his high profile partner, tweeted the news last week, saying, "Introducing the new addition to the family..." before uploading a snap of the pooch. Lopez, a mother of 4-year-old twins Max and Emme with ex-husband Marc Anthony, re-tweeted the message, adding, "So happy! Lilbabybear. Could get confusing!" Bear is known as the couple's pet name for each other.

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ABC Studios A Revolving Door Of Celebs As Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore And Ellie Goulding Drop By (Pictures)

Jennifer Lopez Drew Barrymore Ellie Goulding

Jennifer Lopez at the ABC studios

Jennifer Lopez won the glamor stakes at the ABC Studios yesterday (January 22, 2013)

Who wasn't at the ABC studios this week? Ok, so we weren't, and to be fair most of the world were probably elsewhere too, but three huge stars that were included Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding and Drew Barrymore. All three were appearing on the network's flagship breakfast show Good Morning America, and there were contrasting ways in which each of the ladies coped with the early mornings and brisk seasonal cold.

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Video - Jennifer Lopez Greets Fans Outside 'Good Morning America' Studios

'What to Expect When You're Expecting' star Jennifer Lopez arrives outside the ABC studios in New York City for her appearance on 'Good Morning America'. A man is seen getting out of the passenger side of the car to let Jennifer out the back, before closing it briefly and re-opening it again. The star waves at paparazzi when she gets out before stopping to sign a few autographs for fans.

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J-Lo On Ben Affleck, Age Difference And More Children

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck

It appears that when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez broke up, he got all the talent and awards and she got... other things that aren't quite as impressive. However, there are no hard feelings harboured between the two, J-Lo has been married and divorced again since, and she's now dating a man 18 years her junior. She popped in to see Ellen Degeneres recently and spoke about her feelings about Affleck, her current boyfriend and her future.

"(Argo) was a great movie," Lopez told DeGeneres, speaking about Affleck winning a Golden Globe at the weekend. "They were really hard on us in the press when we dated back in the day. On movies and things like that. So it was a nice moment. It was nice to see him have that moment. I was really happy for him."

Lopez clearly has insecurities about the age difference between herself and current boyfriend Casper Smart. "I ask him, 'Why don't you go find a young girlfriend and get out of here? What do you want with me?' " She tells People. "The truth is, we don't know what's going to happen," she said. "We're loving this moment right now. We make each other happy."

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Top 10 Side-Boobs, Cleavages And Near Slips From Your Favourite Celebrities

Taylor Swift Emma Watson Kim Kardashian Rachel McAdams Lindsay Lohan Miley Cyrus Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj Lady GaGa Rita Ora

It seems to have become popular among red carpet goers to display a generous amount of what has been dubbed as 'side-boob'. Inspired by this, we have decided to come up with our top ten revealing celebrities, assessing who we think definitely has too much on show, and who is teetering on the edge of a serious wardrobe malfunction while still managing to look elegant all the same.


Taylor Swift at People's Choice Awards 2013

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Razzies Nominations: So, Who Made The Worst Movie Of The Year?

Eddie Murphy Peter Berg Bill Condon Tyler Perry Katherine Heigl Kristen Stewart Milla Jovovich Nicolas Cage Robert Pattinson Jennifer Lopez Ashley Greene David Hasselhoff Adam Sandler Andy Samberg

It's that time of year again! The nominations for this year's Razzies have been announced, with Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - which made a ridiculous $814 million at the box office - leading the way with 11 nominations, including Worst Film and Worst Sequel. A spoof of the Academy Awards, this year's Razzies' picks arrived just one day before Thursday's Oscar nominations. So which directors, actors and actresses will have let out a giant, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO" when catching wind of the infamous nominations today? And perhaps more importantly, who should win (or lose). Which movies and performances really were the worst of the worst? Here goes.

A Thousand Words Poster

Worst Picture

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Reject $3 Million Baby Photos Deal

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Jessica Alba Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have somewhat surprisingly turned down a multi-million dollar tabloid deal for their baby photos. According to, the high profile couple - who recently announced they are expecting their first child together - rejected a $3 million offer from an overseas publication.

Sources say the couple have been flooded with lucrative deals from the major magazines eager to slap the little Kardashian baby on their front covers. People magazine, US Weekly and the like are all thought to be involved, though insiders say the couple have absolutely no plans to sell baby pictures to anyone. As public demand increases, the couple may reconsider and it certainly seems unlikely that Kim Kardashian - a woman famous for being famous - would turn down millions of dollars to appear on the cover of the world's most read magazines. 

It's become the norm in Hollywood to cash in on baby photos, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly taking $14 million for snaps of their twins in 2008. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony accepted $6 million for their twins, while Matthew McConaughey bagged $3 million for pictures of his son. Christina Aguilera and Jessica Alba are others to have netted huge sums.

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Parker Trailer

Parker is a skilled thief with a very specific moral code; never kill anyone who doesn't deserve it and never steal from those with little money. Other than that, he is brutal, doing anything it takes to seize his target along with his so-called loyal team. However, one day he finds that his accomplices are not the people he thought they were when they stab him in the back and leave him to die. As single-minded as ever, Parker assumes the new name and identity of Texas guy Daniel Parmitt and sets out to destroy his former allies for what they did to him seeking an unusual partnership with Leslie:  a local resident of Palm Beach who has inside information on Parker's targets and agrees to help him despite having reservations about his plan to murder every last one of them and take the loot from their latest robbery.

'Parker' is a crime thriller based on the novel 'Flashfire' by Donald E. Westlake. It has been directed by the Oscar winner that is Taylor Hackford ('An Officer and a Gentleman', 'The Devil's Advocate') and written by John J. McLaughlin ('Black Swan', 'Hitchcock') and will be released in cinemas across the UK from March 8th 2013. 

Director: Taylor Hackford

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Has Argo Finally Buried The "Bennifer" Shame For Ben Affleck?

Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez Matt Damon

Ben Affleck’s reputation – and, effectively, his career – took a serious nosedive during the period of time that he dated Jennifer Lopez. Their joint cinematic effort, Gigli, was a laughing stock and their frequent appearances in the tabloid press overshadowed both of their careers.

Now, 14 years since he was awarded an Oscar (Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) along with Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting, it seems that Ben Affleck has finally put the shame of “Bennifer” behind him and has been accepted back into the upper echelons of Hollywood respectability. His latest movie, Argo, tells the real-life tale of the rescue of six American diplomats from Iran in 1980. There has been a muttering of Oscars-nomination possibilities surrounding Argo since it debuted. Now, with the movie having landed five Golden Globe nominations and a Screen Actors Guild nomination for its ensemble cast, those mutters are rapidly turning into firm declarations.

His former screenwriting comrade Matt Damon told Reuters that he’s glad Affleck is finally getting the recognition he deserves, once more. “It was tough to watch him get kicked in the teeth for all those years because the perception of him was so not who he actually was,” said Damon. “It was upsetting for a lot of his friends because he's the smartest, funnest, nicest, kindest, incredibly talented guy.” Let’s see if next year’s Oscars ceremony proves to be a turning point, then, for Affleck’s beleaguered career. 

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Remains Of Jenni Rivera's Body Identified And Handed Back To Her Family

Jenni Rivera Jennifer Lopez Eva Longoria Ricky Martin

The remains of the late singer Jenni Rivera have been identified and returned to her family, following her death in a plane crash on sunday, CNN have reported.

The Spanish-American starlet was flying from the northern city of Monterrey on her way to Toluca with six others, all members of her touring party, when her plane crashed shortly after take-off. Although officials were reluctant to consider her death at first, their fears were realised later through the week when her remains were discovered and identified by her three brothers Lupillo, Juan and Gustavo.

Details on the crash are still a little sketchy, with new information into the ill-fated flight Rivera was on being released with each passing day. According to Mexican officials, her plane plunged from around 28,000 feet only a short while after take-off, but as of yet no explanation has been given as to what may have cause the crash.

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"Hurtful": Jennifer Lopez Denies Claims That She Got A Maid Fired Over An Autograph

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has denied claims that she got a hotel maid fired for asking for her autograph. According to The Sun, the German maid, Pray Dodaj was working at the Melia hotel in Dusseldorf and – being a huge J-Lo fan – plucked up the courage to ask the singer for an autograph but found herself turned away by Lopez’s people.

The maid reportedly told The Sun “I cleaned on her floor. And I am an incredibly big fan so I took all my courage and rang the bell to get an autograph. But I was rejected by two assistants at the door.” To make matters worse, she then received a phone call from the management of the luxury residence the next day, telling her that she was being fired. They claimed that Ms Lopez had complained about her asking for an autograph. “A day later the cleaning company that employed me at the hotel called and said that Ms Lopez had complained,” said Dodaj. “I was fired right there on the phone. Because of an autograph.”

43 year-old Lopez has denied the claims though and said that she finds the whole thing to be very “hurtful.” Possibly not as hurtful as losing your livelihood, of course, but hurtful, nonetheless. She tried to clear her name on her Jennifer Lopez Twitter page by posting a message to say “C'mon thought you knew me better than this. Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter. #hurtful.”

Hawaii Five-O Star Alex O'Loughlin Has First Child With Girlfriend Malia Jones

Alex O'Loughlin Jennifer Lopez

Hawaii Five-O heartthrob Alex O'Loughlin will be catching a few less criminals and a few more early morning changing’s instead as it has been confirmed that he and his girlfriend, Malia Jones, have had their first child together, E! reports.

O’Loughlin and his model/surfer girlfriend Jones have been seeing each other officially since the beginning of this year, and clearly made no efforts to take things slowly. The pair welcomed their baby boy, whose name is still under wraps, into the world some time around Thursday (Oct 25), with a rep for Alex revealing the news early the day after. The pair announced that they were expecting back in August, but gave no indication that they would be due so soon after.

Both Alex and Malia have children from previous relationships, with two sons already in the mix for the pair. The Hawaii actor’s is a dad already to, Saxon, 15, whilst Malia’s kid is named Spike, 3 - so judging by these two there should be a good chance of a decent name being thought up.

Jones herself has been active in the modelling game since the mid-2000s, after which she slowed down with her competitive surfing and eventually had her frst child in 2009. Meanwhile O’Loughlin is perhaps best known for his role alongside Jennifer Lopez in The Back-Up Plan, other than his part in Hawaii Five-O.


Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme Steals Show At Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lopez Karl Lagerfeld Kanye West Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme stole the show at Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week show yesterday (October 2, 2012). The former American Idol judge took her four year-old daughter to the Grand Palais, along with her boyfriend Casper Smart, to take in the new spring / summer 2013 collection from the label’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld.

Female First have published snaps of the couple, along with Emme, enjoying the catwalk show from the front row. Lopez was looking chic in a low-cut white dress and Emme wore a pink Chanel dress, with a white cardigan and pink shoes. They even managed to overshadow the fact that Kanye West was there to see the show, as well. As for the show itself, Lagerfeld used wind turbines to display his new collection; after the show, he said “It's more about the mood of the times, not something you have to translate. It's all about the wind, it's in the air. I started sketching in Central Park and it was so hot that I wanted fresh air.”

Lopez was looking relaxed – most likely glad that she has left the drama of American Idol behind her. We bet she’ll be glad that it was Mariah Carey and not her that was on the end of Nicki Minaj’s foul-mouthed rant, which made its way online today, courtesy of TMZ. Jennifer Lopez left the show at the end of last season, to pursue her pop career and seems to be enjoying some time with her children and boyfriend, as well.

Ice Age: Continental Drift Review

Very Good
Very early on, this series completely jettisoned any respect for science, gleefully ignoring the laws of gravity end geology to carry on the family-friendly series of dangers encountered by this growing herd of misfit semi-prehistoric creatures. It's not very clever, but it's still good fun.

When the ice shelf suddenly cracks in two, mammoth Manny (Romano) finds himself adrift with sabre-tooth Diego (Leary), sloth Sid (Leguizamo) and Sid's toothless granny (Sykes). But as they attempt to get home, they're waylaid by a pirated iceberg sailed by Captain Gutt (Dinklage) and his scurvy crew.

Meanwhile, Manny's wife Ellie (Latifah) and their mildly rebellious daughter Peaches (Palmer) are trying to outrun the shifting continental plates. And the film's real star Scrat is on a hunt for a hidden acorn treasure.

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What To Expect When You're Expecting Review

The odd moment of honest drama or genuinely witty humour catches us completely off guard, because this is one of those resolutely bland Hollywood star machines that bears no resemblance to the real world at all.

In Atlanta, TV fitness guru Jules (Diaz) is about to reveal that she's pregnant by her celebrity dance show partner Evan (Morrison). Meanwhile, Holly and Alex (Lopez and Santoro) are looking into adoption even though they're not sure they're ready; Wendy and Gary (Banks and Falcone) are finally expecting after trying for years, only to be upstaged by Gary's dad (Quaid) and his much younger wife (Decker); and food truck operators Rosie and Marco (Kendrick and Crawford) rekindle their teen romance with unexpected results.

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Video - Jennifer Lopez Leaves David Letterman Hand In Hand With Casper Smart

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (Maid In Manhattan; The Back-Up Plan; Monster-In-Law) and her boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart arrives at 'The Late Show With David Letterman' at the Ed Sullivan Theater. As Jennifer gets out of the car, she waves to her fans as she walks over to sign autographs. She later moves over to the photographers to pose for a few photos. After appearing on the show, she leaves the building hand in hand with Casper.

Prior to dating Casper, Jennifer was in a seven year marriage to Marc Anthony, from 2004 to 2011

What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer

What to Expect When You're Expecting is a comic adaptation of the New York Times' bestselling pregnancy advice book of the same name. The film centres around five couples whose lives are turned upside down when they learn of their forthcoming parenthood. Whilst Jules and Evan (a fitness guru and a dance show star, respectively) struggle to fit the demands of pregnancy into a busy showbiz lifestyle, the author Wendy finds herself in a spin when her body is held hostage by her rampant pregnancy hormones. Meanwhile, Wendy's husband Gary finds himself competing with his own father, who is expecting twins with his much-younger partner Skyler.

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Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Sid, Manny and Diego are doing a good job so far of surviving the Ice Age but now a new danger is threatening to finish them off - continental drift. The three heroes are now living on a small iceberg in the middle of the ocean and they are determined to find the rest of the herd, while trying to work out how it all happened. Unbeknownst to them, the cause of the problem leads back to Scrat and yet another attempt at rescuing his precious nut.

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Jennifer Lopez - Hold It Don't Drop It

Jennifer Lopez
Hold It Don't Drop It

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El Cantante Review

¡Cómo terrible!

Leon Ichaso's El Cantante, a frenzied and paper-thin attempt to lionize beloved salsa singer Hector Lavoe (played by Marc Anthony), convinced me it's time to put the musical-biopic genre on the shelf for a few years.

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U Turn Review

I can't imagine U Turn in any director's hands except Oliver Stone's. Breaking free from his political obsessions, Stone explores new territory, giving the material a stark edge, innovation, and a thick, memorable atmosphere. In one film he investigates adultery, incest, bad luck, Indian philosophy, gambling, paranoia, murder, deception, fraud, money, and the Russian Mafia. This is an original tale with a full plate, but surprisingly U Turn never feels crowded, contrived, or recycled. It's a feast for the senses, as long as you have a strong stomach.

Similar to Natural Born Killers in style, the film includes black & white inserts, frequent use of hand-held cameras, overexposed shots, vivid close-ups, zip-switches from smooth to grainy, unique camera angles, time-lapse sequences, and hallucinogenic effects. Stone rounded up some of his Nixon crew to establish the technical aspects of the film, including director of photography Robert Richardson, production designer Victor Kempster, and editors Hank Corwin and Thomas Nordberg. The crew shot U Turn in just 42 days, entirely on location in the actual town of Superior, Arizona, fully utilizing the vast landscape. According to the film's production information, the filmmakers revamped four blocks of Superior's main street, even creating new restaurants out of unused storefronts.

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Jersey Girl Review

Kevin Smith grows up. The writer/director from Red Bank, N.J., temporarily retires his trademark Silent Bob shtick for Jersey Girl, which sticks to a cute but overused plotline, occasionally branching out to include a few (but not enough) sarcastic observations addressing parenthood.

Though it wasn't pre-planned, Smith's film also puts the final nail in the "Bennifer" coffin then begins the resurrection process on Ben Affleck's floundering, Gigli-ravaged career. For the first time in a long while Affleck carries a decent picture, making a stronger connection to Smith's casual dialogue than he does with any of his co-stars.

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The Boy Next Door Trailer

The Boy Next Door Trailer

Life is complicated enough for teacher, Claire (Jennifer Lopez). Her husband, Kevin (Ian Nelson) is...

Home Trailer

Home Trailer

Captain Smek is the leader of a group of aliens called Boov who are stranded...

Parker Movie Review

Parker Movie Review

Far better made than it has any right to be, this cheesy 70s-style thriller is...

Parker Trailer

Parker Trailer

Parker is a skilled thief with a very specific moral code; never kill anyone who...

Ice Age: Continental Drift Movie Review

Ice Age: Continental Drift Movie Review

Very early on, this series completely jettisoned any respect for science, gleefully ignoring the laws...

What to Expect When You're Expecting Movie Review

What to Expect When You're Expecting Movie Review

The odd moment of honest drama or genuinely witty humour catches us completely off guard,...

What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer

What To Expect When You're Expecting Trailer

What to Expect When You're Expecting is a comic adaptation of the New York Times'...

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Trailer

Sid, Manny and Diego are doing a good job so far of surviving the Ice...

The Back-up Plan Trailer

The Back-up Plan Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Back-up PlanZoe is a woman with a life plan, and...