Jennifer Lopez at the ABC studios

Jennifer Lopez won the glamor stakes at the ABC Studios yesterday (January 22, 2013)

Who wasn't at the ABC studios this week? Ok, so we weren't, and to be fair most of the world were probably elsewhere too, but three huge stars that were included Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding and Drew Barrymore. All three were appearing on the network's flagship breakfast show Good Morning America, and there were contrasting ways in which each of the ladies coped with the early mornings and brisk seasonal cold.

Ellie Goulding at the ABC studios

Ellie Goulding's warm looking top told us how she felt about the cold

Lopez and British singer Goulding both appeared on yesterday's show, January 22, and adopted two very different outfits. Glamorous until the end, the 43 year-old Lopez wore a figure hugging purple dress with matching shoes, although she did stretch to a coat as she walked in past a hoarde of shouting paparazzi and fans. Goulding meanwhile was clearly feeling the cold inside the studio, and opted for a striped top that, we have to say, looks a lot more comfortable than what former American Idol judge J-Lo was wearing. 

Drew Barrymore at the ABC studios

Drew Barrymore at ABC on January 21, 2013

However, Goulding's comfort look was nothing compared to Drew Barrymore's, who appeared on the morning show the day before the other two. Looking relaxed inside, we have to say we'd be feeling pretty comfy if we were wearing that casual affair too. Nice work Drew.

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Check out Jennifer Lopez arriving at the ABC studios yesterday.