The father of Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband has blasted the singer and actress for allowing Ben Affleck to break up her marriage to Cris Judd.

LARRY JUDD reckons the JENNY FROM THE BLOCK star discarded his son without a care in the world when she fell for hunky Ben as they made movie megaflop GIGLI - but the angry dad claims he feels sorry for closeted J.LO.

He says, "Cris is still probably the best thing that ever happened to her. He wasn't ashamed to walk 10 or 15 feet behind her at a movie premiere.

"She was the star. His thing was to motivate her and keep her life in perspective. Cris said there were no problems. But I knew there were problems.

"I said, 'Give her some room. Maybe she'll come out of it.' She didn't. She jumped in with the worst person she could possibly be with.

"I thought Mr Affleck would honour a married woman and not just go right into the trailer."

Larry also dismisses J.Lo's claims she never got together with the DAREDEVIL star until after she had separated from Cris.

He says, "She'd be happier if she'd just tell the truth. No one in her little circle is going to say one negative thing to her. I feel sorry for her.

"She cast my son aside. Like it was absolutely nothing. It's been tough for us. We can't go a day without seeing her somewhere on TV or in a magazine."

15/09/2003 17:14