Jennifer Lopez doesn't ''need'' a man.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker - who is dating Casper Smart - has insisted she doesn't need to be in a relationship to be happy.

She told the German edition of Cosmopolitan: ''I am my own best friend. It's a feeling I'd never experienced. My whole life was always one big plan. I'd meet a man and think: When will we get married? How will we live? Is this my future?

''I do want to want someone but I don't need anyone.''

Meanwhile, a source previously claimed that the 46-year-old singer is fuming at the dance choreographer as he has already proposed to her ''five teams this year''.

They said: ''Jen finally snapped at Casper by ordering him to stop proposing because she's sick and tired of saying no. He's probably asked her at least five times this year alone!''

However, the pair are said to generally have a good relationship, with Casper getting on really well with Jennifer's twins Max and Emme.

The insider shared: ''Jennifer and Casper just get each other. They have a wonderful working relationship and a wonderful real relationship! Plus, her kids love him.

''Jen and Casper spend all their free time with each other. He is always at 'American Idol' with her. They work together as well, so time together is plentiful. They like being with each other and find a lot of time to hang out with each other.''