Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora are planning to collaborate on new music.

The 51-year-old star and the 30-year-old singer recently met up in Los Angeles and insiders have revealed that they discussed working on music and possibly even a movie together.

A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Jennifer is a huge fan of Rita’s, and vice versa.

“They’ve long wanted to get together and finally their schedules aligned after Rita had finished filming 'The Voice' in Australia.

“J-Lo and Rita met at Soho House in LA and spent a couple of hours talking about what they could possibly do together. Nothing was off limits and they talked about both music and films."

And Rita has been inspired by the career of Jennifer, who works as an actress and musician.

The insider said: "J-Lo’s career trajectory is something that Rita very much wants to emulate.

“She started off in music like J-Lo did, before branching off into films and TV.

“There was a real sense of a mutual appreciation between the women and if they do manage to work together on a song or film, it will be incredible.”