Most women would be envious about the fact that Jennifer Lopez has dated an array of high-profile stars in the past, including Ben Affleck, Sean 'Diddy' Combs and her ex-husband Marc Anthony, but the 45-year-old songstress recently hinted that she didn't find all of them attractive.

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez says she has never dated anyone for their looks

On Thursday (Jan 22nd) Lopez, who has been promoting her new flick 'The Boy Next Door' all this week, joined Andy Cohen for an interview on "Watch What Happens Live" and explained what she finds sexy in a man.

"I would say my type of man is, I like manly," the Grammy winner, who has been married three times, told the host. "I don't like a softer edge. I like somebody to make me laugh. But type-wise, I'm not a looks person. I don't know if you noticed, over the years."

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"I go more for essence, for strength, the manliness," she then added. "The fun, the laughs. Sexy's important but I don't feel like good looking is necessarily sexy."

This promoted Cohen to quiz Lopez about if she was dissing one of her famous exes, and pointed out that she's "had some hot guys though."

Before Lopez tied the knot with Anthony in 2004, she was involved in a string of high-profile relationships, including marriages with a Cuban waiter called Ojani Noa in February 1997 and former back-up dancer Cris Judd. She was also famously engaged to Affleck, and shared a brief romance with P Diddy.

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"I thought they were all hot," Lopez quickly responded. "Other people might be like, 'What the hell is she thinking?' But I don't care." Who may she be referring to?