Jennifer Lopez is 'happy' for her ex-husband Marc Anthony after the news of his engagement to model Shannon De Lima broke last week.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez discussed being single and her ex-husband in a recent interview.

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45-year-old Anthony has been dating De Lima on and off for the past two years and the two have reportedly been engaged for some time. As Us Weekly reports, Anthony and De Lima became engaged in March of this year and are due to tie the knot in the middle of November.

If reports are correct, this means Anthony proposed before the divorce papers from Lopez had even been signed. Lopez and Anthony were married for a decade, from 2004 until June of this year, and have a set of twins together. Although the divorce was made official earlier this year, the couple had been separated for more than two years. 

Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony
Shannon De Lima and Marc Anthony are reportedly engaged.

Nevertheless, 45-year-old Lopez is happy for her ex-husband and speaking to the NY Daily News on Thursday (6th November) discussed the news and her own relationship status. Lopez said 'I'm happy for him.'

She further discussed her own relationship status, describing herself as 'totally single'. She certainly seems optimistic about the future and is hoping to meet someone soon. Lopez stated 'I am totally single. It's not going to be forever. Someone great will come along.'

Lopez has opened up more about her love life recently and even described how the trappings of fame often interfere with romance. Lopez, as the NY Daily News reports, in a recent interview explained how her huge entourage often caused problems in previous relationships including with Anthony and her former partner Ben Affleck

'There's a lot of people in my life and that's hard. There's people in the house. There's hair and makeup. It's a lot, I think, for someone to deal with,' Lopez said. She further explained that in addition to the issues with having a high profile relationship such as 'being judged', the entourage 'was a big part of their [her former partners'] discomfort'. 

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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married from 2004-2014.