Australia rapper Iggy Azalea has lent her considerable vocal talent to a number of artist’s records recently - Charlie XCX, Ariana Grande and Rita Ora during 2014 already. But in her latest collaboration with Jennifer Lopez on the latino lovely's song, Booty, Miss Azalea lends more than just her impressive vocals and snappy lyrics.

Iggy Azalea
Rapper Iggy Azalea has got people talking about her collaboration with J.Lo

Jenny from the block has remixed Booty, which is her third single from her eighth studio album, A.K.A, which originally featured guest vocals from Pitbull, to include a couple of verses from Iggy and a little bit of her booty.

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In the video for this latest version, the two women deliver exactly what the title says, and quite a lot of it. While Lopez is the main star of the show Azalea joins her for a few double booty scenes in some of the more steamy parts of the video.

Released on Thursday morning, the piece had already gathered a staggering 500,000 plays on YouTube by midnight on Friday - obviously by individuals desperate to appreciate the singing and not just the booty shaking.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez has caused quite a stir with her latest video

Of course, creating a controversial video is likely to result in controversial comments and many have taken to social media to deride the over-sexualised nature of the content.

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While some have accused J.Lo of being too old for these antics, others have asked that the two women think of their younger generation of fans that may be influenced by Booty’s overtly sexual nature.

Whatever people think, the girls have ensured one thing - people are talking.

To watch their new video, click here.