Jennifer Lopez is ''quieting'' her mind whilst in lockdown.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker feels it is important to spend time working on herself amidst the current health crisis and wants to come out of the lockdown ''growing''.

She said: ''I'm letting everything take a break - my hair, damaged from 20 years in the business; letting my nails breathe; and generally taking care of myself. We don't want to come out of this without growing.''

Jennifer liked wearing casual clothes at first, but it started to make her feel like a ''mess internally'' so she quickly focused on getting a schedule back.

She added: ''It was fun at first to be comfortable, wear sweats and have messy hair, but then you start feeling like a mess internally. So I think it's about getting up, having a routine, trying to exercise, keeping my skin care routine regular, and using this time to get better.''

And Jennifer - who has Maximilian and Emme, 12, with her ex-husband Marc Anthony - is focusing on finding the beauty in the ''most basic simple things'' with everything that is going on in the wider world.

She told People magazine for their Beautiful issue: ''To me, that's what I'm finding beauty in right now - the most basic, simple things. The beauty of a sunny day, a tree or quiet moment with my kids.''

Jennifer is currently engaged to Alex Rodriguez and the pair have had to push back their wedding plans amidst the coronavirus but have since been discussing ''three or four'' options for their wedding plans.

Giving fans an update, he shared: ''We had a meeting on Zoom with our core [group of people], kind of just going over what the next 12 months look like and we have three or four different variations of how that can look.''