Jennifer Lopez was scared after her face was stolen for artificial intelligence scams.

The 54-year-old actress - who plays the title role in new Netflix sci-fi film 'Atlas', which explores the issues with AI - admitted she has struggled with the way technology has advanced, particularly when it comes to being in the public eye.

Speaking to Variety, she recalled adverts "selling skincare that I know nothing about" by using manipulated photos of her own face with "wrinkles".

She added: "It's really scary. Right away we had them stealing our faces. So, yes, [AI] is really scary."

She acknowledged that AI does have some advantages too, and urged people to be "open" to the benefits as well as the negative side.

SHe said: "I think you should be respectful of AI…We have to be open to all possibilities.

"These movies that are talking about AI — especially this one — do a really good job of showing both sides.”

When it comes to 'Atlas', J-Lo - who plays a data analyst using AI to save the earth from an evil robot played by Simu Liu - pointed to the way both sides of the argument are shown on screen.

She explained: "I think this movie does a good job of showing how AI could go incredibly wrong, and this is how it could go really right."

Jennifer recently admitted she is "worried" about the sudden rise of AI in real life, while she also discussed shooting some of the more intense scenes in the movie.

She told Extra: "I am. I’m worried about that. I think it’s a scary thing and we have to kind of be careful about it and really think about where it’s going.

"I thought it would be me, by myself, do the takes, be so fast, don’t have to worry about anybody else not remembering their lines… First day, you’re falling through the planets. It’s all going crazy.

"Now, your leg’s broke… It was so high-intensity every day, and without having another actor kind of to give you half the energy, it’s just all you. I was exhausted. I would leave the ‘Atlas’ set limping."