Jennifer Lopez says her wedding dress was “so heavy”.

The ‘This Is Me… Now: A Love Story’ star, 54, opened up about the secrets behind the nuptials she shared with her husband Ben Affleck, 51, in 2022, while discussing her iconic looks over the past two decades in a new video chat with Vogue.

The clip shows J Lo flipping to a photo of herself posing in her wedding dress, which was a version of Ralph Lauren’s turtleneck column gown that featured 1,000 handkerchiefs sewn together to create a huge ruffle skirt.

She said: “This is Ralph Lauren. This is my wedding day.

"We got married down in Savannah, and I wanted it to be traditionally Latin, but also be kind of Southern Belle-ish at times.”

J Lo added she thought she had accomplished a “mix” of the styles she wanted, but added about the difficulty of wearing her vision in reality: “It had a long train that was so hard to walk in. It was so heavy.”

The singer also told how the designer made her three dresses for the wedding – a ceremony dress, a reception dress and a dress for her to perform in at the reception.

She said: “They were all very classic, but very different and beautiful.”

Jennifer and Ben got hitched at their home in Riceboro, Georgia, on the Hampton Island preserve outside of Savannah, following a week of celebrations with family and friends.

It also came a month after the couple exchanged vows in an intimate Las Vegas wedding, with J Lo saying she had worn a “dress from an old movie” for that event – sparking speculation from fans it was the same one she wore in 2004’s ‘Jersey Girl’ film.

But Jennifer recently told Variety about the rumour: “No, that’s not true. I wish it was. I wish I did have that dress. I don’t have that dress. No, this was a different dress that I had.”