Access to Jennifer Lopez was "unfiltered" for her documentary 'The Greatest Love Story Never Told'.

Director Jason Bergh has worked with the singer and actress for years and he revealed she was generous with her time and access but her best friend also filmed some of the more intimate moments.

He told Variety: "It was implicit, which comes when you work with someone for so long. I also give a lot of credit to Ana Carballosa, who is Jennifer’s best friend. She had a camera too and was there for things I couldn’t get. Access was unfiltered and then in the edit we decided if something served our story or not. Sure, it’s revelatory, but we’re very relaxed with each other."

Jason was also given access to Jennifer's husband Ben Affleck and manager Benny Medina and praised both for being so open.

He said: "Medina! I call him Uncle Benny because he’s been such a huge supporter of mine. The whole camp is very big on story – making sure we have a beginning, middle and end. Ben is amazing too. He’s a great filmmaker who understands the process and is extremely supportive. I had to pinch myself, honestly. I moved out to Los Angeles 20-something years ago, and always have dreamed of being in this position."

'The Greatest Love Story Never Told' is a documentary about the making of Lopez’s 2024 visual album 'This Is Me … Now' and Jason worked hard to help Jennifer stay 'unguarded".

He said: "There are two very powerful moments in 'This Is Me … Now,' for the songs 'Broken Like Me' and 'Rebound.' When we were shooting 'Broken,' you could hear a pin drop. There are 100 people on set, but there she is, just digging this pain out of herself. This raw emotion through dance and music. I am an emotional dude, and you can’t help but be drawn in with her in those moments. As a documentarian, I had to be very cautious about how I document those moments because I want her to stay unguarded. I shot with longer lenses and from further distances, and worked my way in.