Jennifer Lopez took her twins Max and Emme to Japan for a special holiday to celebrate their 16th birthdays.

The pop superstar's kids - from her marriage to singer Marc Anthony - reached the milestone on Thursday (22.02.24) and she celebrated by whisking them off on a trip to Tokyo which she documented on Instagram.

Jennifer, 54, shared a video which she captioned: "Birthday trip 2024" showing the trio at the airport and then taking in the sights of Tokyo.

Emme was seen cuddling micropigs in the Mipig Cafe while the family also took part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Other highlights included an outing to the Tokyo art museum and a sushi dinner with silver 16th birthday balloons and a cake for the twins.

The clip finished with the message: "Happy Birthday to my coconuts I love you."

Jennifer previously opened up about the impact her fame has on her children, admitting it's been difficult for the teens and she feels a lot of "guilt".

She told Audacy: "Being the child of famous parents is really not something that many people can understand, and I feel for them for that because they didn't choose that ...

"Being judged by people that you don't even know in a way is, I think, really difficult for them to kind of grow up and be themselves. It's just like they know that there's a lens on them, and that's hard.

"Probably not very relatable thing to say, 'cause a lot of people don't understand it. They're like: 'Okay, so you're famous and your kids are blah, blah, blah,' right?'

"But it is, it's hard for them I think. I did that to them. And so that, you know, again, like, we have this guilt as moms, it's like what we do and what we brought into their lives."