Jennifer Lopez encouraged her fans to show themselves some self-love on Valentine's Day (14.02.21).

The JLo Beauty founder took to her beauty brand's social media page to invite followers of the account to fill out one of their self-love templates.

Jennifer - who is engaged to Alex Rodriguez - wrote on her own: "I am youthful and timeless at any age.

"I am beautiful and radiant. I am limitless and powerful."

The 51-year-old actress-and-singer also added how everyone's beauty routine is an "expression of love to yourself".

Underneath a selfie of the 'In The Morning' hitmaker clutching a bottle of her complexion booster serum, Jennifer is quoted as saying:"Your daily beauty routine is an expression of love to yourself. And that’s what JLO BEAUTY is about… self-love."

Meanwhile, Jennifer recently revealed she and her husband-to-be “fight” over beauty products.

The couple - who have been engaged since March 2019 - both love keeping their skin healthy by using a variety of products, and Jennifer admitted she’s even had arguments with her fiancé over who gets to use their stash of creams and oils.

She said: "He loves skincare products. As we were trying all of the products, he was always like, 'What are you doing? What are you using? Let me get two. Give me some. Give me some! Don't be cheap, come on.' I'm like, 'It's a sample! I have to try it for five days. Like, leave it alone!' And we would be fighting over the products.”