Jennifer Lopez has been in the news a lot recently, following her divorce from Marc Anthony and of course, her new film, Parker.

The thing that everyone seemed most impressed with, however, weren’t J Lo’s acting credentials, or even her personal life, but her wardrobe choices – like most times actually, because lets face it, there haven’t been any Oscar nods for Lopez as far as we can remember. On top of that, Parker hasn’t really created a media storm at all and, apart from Jason Statham and Lopez herself, there haven’t been any notable names attached to the project.

However, her style is definitely unique and Jennifer definitely flaunted it during her appearance on the Katie show this week. The singer donned a leather jumpsuit and capped off the outfit with some bang-on-trend spiky heels. We’re not sure how we feel about this combo, to be honest, but J Lo’s affinity for The Jumpsuit has become infamous over the years. To be fair, if the lady can pull it off, who’s to stop her from adding a little edge to her appearance, especially in light of her newly recovered single lady status? And if that edge comes in the form of shiny jumpsuits, well… ok, it looks a bit odd, but if there’s one person who can pull it off, it’s Jennifer Lopez.