Superstar Jennifer Lopez has cast "voodoo" spells on all her lovers past and present, according to ex-husband OJANI NOA. Noa, who was married to Lopez from 1997 to 1998, claims the singer practises Santeria, a set of religious beliefs brought to the Americas by West African slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, which involve chanting, trance states and animal sacrifice. He alleges J.Lo used the practise to cast spells on him and insists former fiance Sean Combs, second husband Cris Judd and current spouse Marc Anthony have also been victims. Speaking in a court deposition, Noa - battling Lopez over his plan to release a book about their marriage - says, "She was doing bad things to a lot of people. She was doing all this religious bulls**t to me, to Cris, to Puffy, to Anthony," the New York Daily News reports. Last week (ends30JUN06) Lopez won an injunction banning Noa from going ahead with the memoir, just a year after he was paid $150,000 (GBP83,000) to sign an agreement to keep quiet.