A South Carolina woman has been jailed for one night for failing to return a VHS tape she rented in 2005. Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, will probably look towards streaming services like Neflix and LoveFilm from now on after being hit with a misdemeanour charge of failure to return the video.

Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez Starred in 'Monster-In-Law'

Finley was arrested in Pickens County on Thursday, according to CNN affiliate WYFF-TV. The movie in question - Mother-in-Law starring Jennifer Lopez an Jane Fonda -  was rented from video store Dalton Videos, which has since gone out of business. 

The report says Finley was at the county sheriff's office on another matter when an active warrant for her arrest for discovered. The store's owner had asked a judge for the warrant years ago, when Monster-In-Law was not returned.

"I'm no criminal, but Pickens County Sheriff's office sure made me feel like I was," Finley told Fox Carolina News' Facebook page, claiming she had never received letters from the sheriff's office.  "If I had, it would have been taken care of immediately.Some of you need to quit (judging) like you are. This is a bogus charge and everyone knows it."

Twitter users and online commenters have been having their fun with the story. One said: "They should sentence her to time already served. She'll never get the 2 hours she spent watching that movie back."

Another said; "Wait till they find out that she forgot to REWIND the tape!!!"

Jane FondaJane Fonda Played The 'Monster-In-Law' In Question

Monster-in-Law - a comedy about squabbling in-laws - was considered one of the worst movies of 2005.

"This really plays a like a really bad sitcom from forty years ago," said Richard Roeper in his review at the time.

"Turns out Jane has come back to make a 95-minute mother-in-law joke. Scratch that, now I'm exaggerating. A joke is funny. A joke has rhythm and structure and timing and a punch line. This, by all evidence, is no joke," said Globe and Mail.