Jenny Frost won't be part of an Atomic Kitten reunion with Kerry Katona.

The 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' star confirmed their have been discussions about the prospect of the girl group - which she joined in 2001 to replace Kerry - getting back together for a fly-on-the-wall show and while she is excited about reuniting with Liz Mcclarnon and Natasha Hamilton, she will turn down the offer if the 'Celebrity Big Brother' star is also a part of it.

She told Closer magazine: ''I don't want to be derogatory about Kerry but there shouldn't be four of us in Atomic Kitten. When we do anything, it will be the three of us.''

While the group have been approached to make a documentary about their comeback, Jenny thinks there could be a problem - they get along so well.

She said: ''We've had lots of approaches from broadcasters about doing our version of the Steps documentary. But the whole premise of their show is that they didn't like each other, while we do. So that would be half the programme gone.''

Kerry has previously expressed her desire to be part of the reunion because she was a ''founding member'' of the group.

She said: ''I'm proud of being a part of Atomic Kitten, they helped me and I helped put them on the map.

''So if the opportunity arose I'd love to get on stage with them - I'd be mad not to!''