When Jenny McCarthy famously stripped for Playboy back in 1993, who'd have thought that 20 years on she'd still be considered front cover candidacy. Hugh Hefner would apparently appear to have remained a big fan of the actress and comedian - and to be fair you can't really blame him, with the former wife of Jim Carrey still looking stunning aged 39.
So it is then that MCCarthy will be back on the front cover of Playboy, not too long before the mother of one turns 40. Lovely stuff. She'll have to go some to beat the impact her last cover had mind; back as a teenager MCCarthy's cover shoot won her the title of Playmate of The Month, snowballing to become Playmate of the Year, and using the fame to go and build herself a fine career on MTV, according to The Press Association.
It looks set to be a busy rest of 2012 for MCCarthy, the star is also the host of the second season of 'Love In The Wild,' which kicks off on June 7th. The show debuted last year on NBC and sees ten men and ten women paired into couples, before competing in a series of challenges, the winners of each getting to stay in a luxurious suite for one night. Elimination takes place the next day when they re-pick their other half and the final unmatched male and female get the boot.