Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs are having ''more sex'' than ever amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 41-year-old actress has admitted she and her husband Jason have been brought closer together by the ongoing lockdown, as it's given them more time to get intimate with one another.

She said: ''I guess we've been having more sex. That helps.''

Jenny also explained her bond with Jason, 42, is stronger than ever before amid the global health crisis, because spending every day at home together whilst the world is in lockdown has been a ''real bonding experience'' for them.

She added: ''Because of nothing else, we've been married so many years - we've been married 13 years - but I do feel like there's just more, we're seeing each other a lot more, we're around each other so much that I guess it could go one of two ways. I'm either like, 'I want to turn over and see anybody but you,' or you just get closer. Luckily this has been a real bonding experience for us. And I think it's brought us closer. So there's more intimacy in our relationship than ever. And it feels good.''

But the 'My Best Friend's Girl' star - who has Sid, six, and Lazlo, two, with Jason - insists her romance isn't ''perfect''.

She explained: ''We also have a couple of therapists, I'll preface. So it's like, we're not perfect. We definitely always have somebody mediating us, but we've always had that.''

Jenny then joked that her sex streak could be ruined soon, as Jason is beginning to return to work and has cut his hair for the first time since lockdown, leaving Jenny feeling ''sad'' about the change to his look.

She told Us Weekly magazine: ''He's doing a pilot today and he had to cut the hair and I'm sad. I think this will impact our sex life. I don't know that now that I'm going to want to have as much sex. I was really into the big hair. I loved it. I was like, 'You have never looked hotter to me.' And then he's like, 'I think I look hotter to you because I look more like your dad.' Like, that's true. My dad in the '70s.''