Jeremy Clarkson has claimed he was barred from boarding a flight in Stuttgart, Germany by an angry airport worker.

Speaking to The Sun, ‘The Grand Tour’ host claimed an Argentinian airport employee shouted at him “I’m from Argentina so f*** you!”, as he prevented him and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May from boarding.

However a spokesman for Stuttgart Airport disputed Clarkson’s version of events and said the host had missed several calls for his flight and that the employee in question is Spanish, not Argentinian.

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson claims he was barred from boarding a flight by an airport worker

Speaking about the incident to The Sun, Clarkson described the airport employee as “a stupid, bitter and twisted little man,” and added: “This ignorant little worm made us miss our plane and he will pay for it."

Describing what happened when he and his team tried to board, Clarkson continued: “Our security guys turned round and said, ‘They’re not letting us on.’

“I said to this little bald guy, ‘What’s the problem?’ He had a big smile on his face. He said, ‘You’ve missed it.’ We said we had left the lounge when we were told, and he said, ‘I’m from Argentina so f*** you.’"

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“Richard Hammond and our producer also heard him. It was disgraceful,” Clarkson continued.

Clarkson added that the employee's colleagues were suggesting he and his team were too drunk, but that they had only had one can of beer.

But speaking to The Sun, the airport work denied swearing, saying: “I would never say such a thing. I wasn’t rude. I was polite and professional.”

A spokesman for Stuttgart Airport later told the BBC that Clarkson and his team had missed several calls for their flight and the other passengers had already boarded.

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”Due to airline policy after a certain time of absence the luggage will be removed from the aircraft and the missing passengers will be withdrawn from the passenger list,” they said.

"From this point there is no chance for boarding, even if the passengers show up."

The spokesperson said that the incident would be investigated by its partner company, S.Stuttgart Ground Services and added: "We do already know that the employee mentioned is Spanish, not Argentinian."