Fans of Jeremy Clarkson’s reign on ‘Top Gear’ can be assured that the new Amazon Prime show will be as excessively silly as ever, after the presenter posted photographic evidence of a car wreck he was involved in during filming in Barbados.

The disgraced former BBC presenter, who was sacked after the legendary ‘fracas’ with a producer which occurred almost exactly a year ago on the last series of ‘Top Gear’, admitted that he wrote off one of the cars he was driving while shooting the new big-budget Amazon Prime series on the Caribbean island with trusty colleagues Richard Hammond and James May.

Posting a picture on Twitter, the 55 year old presenter wrote sheepishly “had a bit of an accident while filming today” next to a picture of a totally smashed-up front bumper of what was once a car.

As they’re liable to do, one of his co-presenters chipped in, with Hammond replying: “@jeremyclarkson Two words for you: Dingle. Berry.”

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With an incredible £160 million budget at their disposal – working out at £4.5 per episode of the three seasons for which they’ve been commissioned – the team has clearly been having a great deal of fun with all those financial resources.

An onlooker told The Mirror earlier this week: “It looks more like the world’s wildest stag party than a TV show. They’ve got a huge budget and they are obviously enjoying spending it – the whole thing was pretty bonkers. They had cars being pulled out of the water, hover boards, jet skis, the works. It was like a lads holiday - they’re obviously enjoying every minute of it.”

The new series, still without a confirmed name at the time of writing, is due to be broadcast later in 2016.

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