Sacked ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy Clarkson has received even more interest from Russia. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the former BBC star is currently in negotiations to feature in an upcoming Russian comedy movie.

Armen Manasaryan, one of the producers of the movie Kot v Sapogakh (or Puss in Boots), pitched the project to the Russian government’s funding organisation Cinema Fund and is quoted as saying “we offered the role of a foreigner to Clarkson. He hasn’t given us a definitive answer yet. We are in talks.”

Jeremy ClarksonClarkson has reportedly been offered a role in a Russian adaptation of 'Puss in Boots'

The project is believed to be a modern adaptation of the fairy tale ‘Puss in Boots’, and apparently concerns a contemporary young man who has been turned into a cat. Clarkson’s exact role, if he accepted, is unclear. The movie has already cast a couple of up and coming Russian stars - Konstantin Kryukov and Aglaya Shilovskay.

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It’s the second offer that 55 year old Clarkson has received from a Russian company since his dismissal from ‘Top Gear’. Last month, the defense ministry-owned TV network Zvezda offered him some work, though as yet he hasn’t responded to that. “He is still thinking,” a spokesman for the network told the Hollywood Reporter.

Clarkson was officially sacked from ‘Top Gear’ on March 25th, several weeks after the incident in which he struck one of the show’s producers in a row over catering. Executive producer Andy Wilman has followed him out of the door a few weeks afterwards, leaving the future of the popular BBC motoring show hanging in the balance.

In an article in the Sunday Times on April 19th, Clarkson confessed to having considered retiring from television after his dismissal, but was now planning the launch of a new TV programme.

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