Former ‘Top Gear’ host Jeremy Clarkson has said he still holds a grudge against the BBC, a year on from his sacking. Speaking to The Times, Clarkson singled out former director of television Danny Cohen, saying the two repeatedly clashed, even over the death of the presenter’s mother.

Jeremy ClarksonJeremy Clarkson still holds a grudge over his BBC sacking.

“Danny and I were, and I suspect will remain for ever, very far apart on every single thing," Clarkson said. “Normally you could find some common ground with somebody but I think Danny and I could probably get on perfectly well so long as we absolutely never had to think about each other for the rest of time.”

“Because I don't mind anyone having an opinion that's different to mine, just so long as they don't mind my opinion either. So long as it doesn't impinge on what I want to do.”

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In response to Clarkson’s comments, a source "close to Cohen" reportedly told The Times: "Danny has no interest in responding to inaccurate claims, but remains proud to have taken action against a man who saw fit to punch a colleague.”

Clarkson also claimed the Corporation didn't support him following the death of his mother and instead were investigating him over an incident on ‘Top Gear’. “I said, ‘My mother’s just died. Please leave me alone.’ But they wouldn’t,” Clarkson continued.

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“And it was bad. We were doing the TV show and the live shows, and three newspaper columns a week and endless investigations into whether or not we’d said this or done that or whether or not my hair was straight or my teeth were cleaned.”

“It went on and on and on. It was very tricky. So there was quite a lot of pressure that year even for a jovial soul like me to handle. I was very close to my mum,” he added. “In one year I lost my mother, my house, my job,“