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Hutton Plans Hang Gliding Adventure

Former supermodel LAUREN HUTTON's serious motorcycle crash in 2000 hasn't dampened her enthusiasm for adventure - she's now taken up hang gliding as a hobby. The AMERICAN GIGOLO star is an avid motorcycle enthusiast...

Irons Blames Manners For Marriage Failure

British actor JEREMY IRONS blames English etiquette for his failed first marriage, insisting he only went through with the ceremony because he didn't want to "appear rude". The CASANOVA star, 57, married JULIE...

Irons Too Competitive To Be Gay

British actor JEREMY IRONS insists he could never be gay - because his competitive nature would get in the way. The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN star, who has been married to wife SINEAD CUSACK for...

Fiennes Open About Gay Kiss

Actor JOSEPH FIENNES was unconcerned kissing co-star JEREMY IRONS in the big screen adaptation of THE MERCHANT OF VENICE - because it was relevant to the film's setting. The ENEMY AT THE GATES star...

Irons Joins Fox Hunters Protest

[Actor JEREMY IRONS is set to protest the British government's forthcoming ban on fox hunting by doing "absolutely everything I can" to try and overturn the bill. The traditional country sport has long been criticised...

Dame Judi Dench Tries To Block Sex Film

Veteran actress DAME JUDI DENCH is desperate to block sex scenes she filmed 25 years ago being released on video in her native Britain and America. Dame Judi, 69, filmed the racy scenes in...

Anthony Andrews Overdoses On Water

British TV actor ANTHONY ANDREWS is recovering in hospital with a bizarre illness - he's suffering a salt imbalance from drinking "several litres" of water. Anthony - who starred alongside JEREMY IRONS in BRIDESHEAD...

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