Jeremy Irvine is ''relieved'' not to be working on ''big budget Hollywood'' movies.

The 22-year-old actor shot to fame after playing the lead role in 2011 wartime epic 'War Horse' and admits he was inundated with offers of work after appearing in the film and has opted to choose projects which will give him ''artistic credibility'', rather than those with big pay cheques.

He said: ''I was in the privileged position where I was offered a lot of what we'd call big budget Hollywood movies.

''I'd read the 'Now is Good' script and it really moved me. It was very obvious that there was two paths I could take; I could go down the commercial route or I could go down the path of doing a movie that I really enjoyed, which are the ones with actual artistic credibility.

''Obviously, there's a lot of pressure and some tempting reasons to do the other type of movies as well.

''I think you can probably fall into that trap and I'm so relieved I didn't.''

The British star admits his career has undergone a huge transformation since he appeared in 'War Horse'.

Asked how the film has changed his life, he told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''Simple. I can now get work. I spent two years walking around London getting rejected, going up for maybe three or four auditions a week and not getting a single one. To suddenly be able to say, 'I'm an actor' without blushing is amazing.''