Jeremy Irvine struggles to look stylish.

The 24-year-old actor claims he needs help from his more fashionable flatmate to get dressed for red carpet events and tends to play it safe with all-black outfits.

'The Railway Man' star admitted in the new issue of Britain's InStyle magazine: ''I need help. I have a very fashionable flatmate who gives me style tips but I tend to dress in all black because it's easy. I don't particularly understand fashion.''

Jeremy hates getting dressed up in a suit for high-profile events and tries to get away with wearing jeans.

He said: ''Getting me in a suit can be a struggle. I used to have rows with my publicist about dressing up for smart events. I turned up in jeans and a jacket to go to the Golden Globes once. She was not happy.''

The handsome Brit also joked that spending so much time in Los Angeles definitely hasn't made him any more conscious of his appearance.

Jeremy chuckled: ''This is what I do: I get in the shower and use shampoo, if there is shampoo. If not, soap will do. I wash my hair and let the shampoo or soap wash down onto my face. And there you have it, my skincare routine.''