Cult American television series Entourage has developed a devout following across the world, with the majority of these ardent fans praying since the show ended in 2011 that one day the stars and writers behind the HBO series would agree to do a movie. Late last night (28 Oct.) their prayer were answered, when series creator Doug Ellin posted a short but sweet tweet delivering the good news.

Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven will be back as Ari Gold

"It's a go. Love you all," he wrote, uploading a back and white picture of himself stood alongside the cast of the series. The announcement put months of speculation to rest at last, with the movie stalling supposedly due to contract negotiations with some of the stars.

The show followed up-and-coming Hollywood star Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) as he negotiated through the pitfalls of working in Hollywood along with the help of his childhood friends. These included Johnny 'Drama' Chase, Vince's older brother and a less successful TV actor (played by Kevin Dillon), his childhood pal Eric 'E' Murphy, who serves as his manager (played by Kevin Connolly) and his Pa and chauffer Turtle (played by Jerry Ferrara). The show also starred Jeremy Piven as his foul-mouthed agent Ari Gold, and regularly featured guest star playing themselves, or at least caricatured versions of themselves.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the substantial amount offered for Piven's services - with the actor being the first to sign a deal to appear in the film - in comparison to the rest was a sticking point for the returning cast. Eventually though, a deal was sorted for the rest of the cast and now "it's a go."

The show was produced by Mark Wahlberg, who often said the show mirrored his own experiences of trying to make it in the movie business. Over the eight season run of the show, it won six Emmy awards, with the majority going to Piven for his stand-out role as Gold. No word on whether Wahlberg will stay on as producer for the show.

Mark Wahlberg
Marky Mark might be back to produce