Jeremy Piven will reprise his role as Mr. Selfridge for a fourth season of the popular period drama. The upcoming series of the ITV hit will be broadcast in 2016. Piven confirmed the news on Good Morning Britain on Friday (13th March).

Jeremy Piven
Jeremy Piven stars in Mr. Selfridge.

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Mr. Selfridge is based on the life and times of Harry Selfridge, who founded the well known London department store which still bears his name. Set in the Edwardian period, Mr. Selfridge follows the lives of Selfridge, his family and his colleagues. Piven stars alongside an all star cast which includes the likes of Amy Beth Hayes (Eva), Samuel West (Hyde Park on the Hudson) and Ron Cook (Hot Fuzz).

49-year-old Piven has starred in the show since 2013 and the third season of Mr. Selfridge is currently being broadcast on ITV. In the interview, Piven explained how proud of the show he was and how he was more than happy to be continuing in his role, as the Express reports. 

"I'm so proud of the show and really believe our cast is incredible. They keep me on my toes. I love every minute of it and don't want it to end," Piven told Good Morning Britain. "So I'm back in April and we'll be shooting series four. I love it when people mistake me for Harry Selfridge, because he was a turn of the century gentleman. It is truly the dream."

Mr. Selfridge has also attracted an audience in America as, in a similar way to Downton Abbey, it is broadcast on PBS. The third season of Mr. Selfridge will premiere on PBS on 30th March. 

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