Jeremy Renner wants to do a Bourne film starring both him and Matt Damon.

The actor-and-musician has replaced Matt as the hero in the fourth instalment of the spy thriller franchise - although he is not taking on his character of Jason Bourne - but he hopes at some point they could make an all-star version of the film with them both in.

He told Shortlist: "We've kept the name, the style, tone and format of what the first three Bourne movies are. This one still has to be successful, but maybe eventually Matt Damon and I could do one together. That would be kick-ass! I love Matt."

Matt ruled out starring in any further Bourne films after director Paul Greengrass - who made 'The Bourne Supremacy' and 'The Bourne Ultimatum' - said he was leaving the project.

Jeremy also said the new version of Jason Bourne will keep to the same tone and style as the earlier films.

He said: "We're filming in Calgary until Christmas then go to the Philippines for a couple of months to finish it off. Everything about it is the same. The way it's shot, the pace, the ticking clock and the very visceral fights. It's down, dirty and gritty."