Rap mogul Jermaine Dupri has fired back at Chris Rock, after the comedian made cutting remarks about his romance with pop beauty Janet Jackson.

Rock caused a stir at 2003's MTV Video Music Awards when he questioned the pair's long-term relationship.

The funnyman told the audience, "Janet Jackson's a 10, Jermaine's about a four - that's a six point differential, man.

"I've been loving Janet Jackson for years, then I see Jermaine Dupri walk in the room with her and I'm like, 'Damn, I had a shot.' Seeing Janet Jackson with Jermaine Dupri is like finding out about a sale a day too late."

And now Dupri has finally hit back, stating in the latest issue of US magazine King, "Chris Rock probably ain't married to the person he wants to be married to and when he sees me, he's like, 'Damn! How? Why?'

"It's like you end up dating someone that people wanted to date their whole life, so people are crushed by it."

14/07/2005 09:51