Jermaine Jackson has spoken out to insist the famous family is not interested in profiting from a lawsuit over his brother Michael's death.

The King of Pop's mother Katherine Jackson and his three children are suing concert promoters at AEG Live for wrongful death after they hired Conrad Murray as the star's doctor during preparations for his This Is It comeback tour in 2009.

They blame AEG Live bosses for Jackson's death in June, 2009 after Murray gave him an accidental overdose of anaesthetic to help him sleep during rehearsals for the concerts.

Last month (Sep13), the family demanded $290 million (£193.3 million) in compensation during the closing arguments in the Los Angeles trial, in addition to an undisclosed amount for the star's lost future earnings.

However, The Jackson 5 star Jermaine is adamant the trial has nothing to do with money and the family will not gain financially in real terms.

He tells, "Nobody wins, we still did not get Michael back, it's not about money, it's not about any of that, it's about my brother and we lost somebody very dear. Money means nothing.

"Money comes and goes. We lost an incredible human being, that's what is most important."

Previous reports suggest the Jacksons' total demand for damages add up to more than $40 billion. AEG Live chiefs have denied the charges.

The closing arguments came to an end last week (ends27Sep13) and the jury retired to consider its verdict on Thursday (26Sep13).