Jermaine Jackson has pulled out of a family plot to overthrow Michael Jackson's estate executors in a bid to put an end to the drama and make peace with the administrators.
The King of Pop's kids and other young members of the clan have been at odds with their uncles and aunts since the confusion surrounding family matriarch Katherine Jackson's wellbeing and whereabouts surfaced last month (Jul12) - days after Michael's siblings Tito, Janet, Randy and Jermaine added their signatures to a letter accusing estate bosses John Branca and John MCClain of faking the icon's legal documents prior to his death in June, 2009.
Katherine, who had been resting in Arizona, subsequently lost her role as the primary carer of Michael's children Prince, Paris and Blanket last week (ends27Jul12) and a judge appointed their 34-year-old cousin, TJ Jackson, as their temporary guardian.
The court ruling caused uproar within the Jackson family, and the controversy reportedly prompted Branca and MCClain to ban certain members from visiting the Calabasas, California home Katherine shares with her grandkids.
However, Jermaine has now chosen to follow in his brother Tito's footsteps and withdraw his name from the letter, which kicked off the drama, following an emotional phone call with his son Jaafar.
In a lengthy post on's TwitLong spin-off on Wednesday (01Aug12), he writes, "Enough has become enough... After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael's words about love not war. In this spirit, I offer this statement by way of extending an olive-branch. Accordingly, I rescind my signature from the letter which was sent to the Estate, and which should never have gone public."
Jermaine admits he still has "deep reservations about many issues involving the Estate", but accepts that "public conflict" is not the way to deal with the problems. He admits the family is "still raw from the loss of Michael three years ago" and as a result, he and his siblings have become "perhaps understandably and unapologetically over-protective" over their mum.
Jermaine also opens up about the fracas that took place at the Jackson compound last week (23Jul12) when he, Janet and Randy arrived in Calabasas to speak to teenagers Paris and Prince and their brother Blanket.
He explains, "We went to the house in Calabasas to talk directly with the kids and merely discuss arrangements for them to meet with their grandmother. We were denied that access by security - and it was clear that mutual suspicions had allowed events to spiral out of control. I regret that events were ever allowed to reach such a stage. I regret any distress caused to Prince, Paris and Blanket.
"That was never, ever the intention of myself, Janet, Rebbie or Randy. Moving forward, the most effective way to best serve Mother's welfare, and that of Michael's children, is to start a collective dialogue, in private. Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly-charged emotional environment. It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing."