Jermaine Jackson has told how he once saved his brother Michael's life after he almost drowned.
The former Jackson 5 star has opened up for the first time about how he rescued the King of Pop after he was pulled underwater by a strong current during a late-night swim in Malibu, California in 1984.
He dove into the ocean and grabbed his flailing brother, before pulling him to shore.
Appearing on TV series Celebrity Close Calls, Jermaine recalls, "Panic set in. I ran into the water with all my clothes on."
The Thriller legend was taken to hospital in an ambulance, and doctors found an air bubble had burst in his lung.
Jermaine adds, "It was a life or death situation... If we had waited any longer before I rushed him to hospital he might not have made it."
Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose on 25 June, 2009.