Jermaine Jackson has urged sister LA TOYA to stop making accusations their superstar brother MICHAEL was murdered, insisting the truth will come out in court.
La Toya made headlines earlier this month (Jul09) after she sensationally alleged her brother was killed for his cash, and reportedly contacted the authorities to name the culprits she believed responsible for the crime.
Their father Joe Jackson also voiced his suspicions that "foul play" caused his son's death, telling reporters, "Michael was dead before he left the house (to go to hospital). I'm suspecting foul play somewhere. He was waving to the fans at the gate. A few minutes after Michael was out there, he was dead."
But older brother Jermaine remains cautious about making accusations as he struggles to come to terms with the idea that someone could have killed his beloved brother.
And Jermaine, a devout Muslim, insists the Jackson family must wait for official investigations to finish before hastily placing the blame on anyone.
He says, "I know my sister La Toya said she thought it was murder and that is how she's taking it. That's her emotions speaking out and my father has said things because he lost a son. I say wait to see what the toxicology report says, then go from there. If there's foul play, investigators can track back and see what happened. If it was murder then who did it? My question is, why would anyone want to murder Michael Jackson - one of the most wonderful people who have ever walked this earth?"
Earlier this week (19Jul09), a U.K. tabloid alleged cops have told the Jacksons there will be a criminal trial for second-degree murder after an autopsy showed the star died from an injected overdose of painkiller Diprivan.