Jermaine Jackson says he now has proof his brother Michael Jackson was innocent of child molestation accusations.

The late pop legend's older brother has spoken out about the 1993 claims that Michael sexually abused 13-year-old Jordan Chandler and claims the recent suicide of the teenager's father, Evan Chandler, proves the accusations were false.

Jermaine, 54, believes the dentist - who was found dead in bed on November 5 after shooting himself in the head - killed himself because he felt guilty.

Speaking at a charity event at the Magic Johnson AMC theatre on Monday (23.11.09), Jermaine said: "All the things that we've been through as a family, the false allegations against my brother, from the 1993 case where they were accusing him of the most horrible things. This kid's father has committed suicide because he just couldn't take it and now the kid has come forward and said Michael never touched him."

Since Michael died in June there have been several rumours published on the internet which claim Jordan, now 29, has since admitted the abuse claims were false.

Michael always maintained his innocence, and eventually settled out of court with the Chandler family in January 1994 for $22 million. Jordan also had to sign a contract agreeing never to talk about the allegations.