Jerry Hall has been banned from wearing mini-skirts by her daughter.

The 54-year-old former supermodel says she has stopped donning clothes that are deemed too young for her as 18-year-old Georgia May gets embarrassed by them.

She said: "I've had to give up leather pants and mini-skirts. I said to Georgia May, 'Can't I wear them with thick tights?' And she goes, 'No,' and then she took 'em all!"

As well as changing her clothes, Jerry says she is considering cutting her famous long blonde hair as she is getting too old for tumbling tresses.

She said: "I am wondering when - if - I have to cut my hair. I think it looks terrible if you have really long hair and it's gone grey. So I am experimenting with wearing it up. Up, with pearls. I think that's quite a good look."

While Jerry's modelling days may be coming to end, Georgia May and her other daughter Elizabeth, 26, have become big in The Fashion world and she couldn't be more proud.

Jerry - who has two other children, James and Gabriel, with ex-husband Sir Mick Jagger - told America's Harper's Bazaar magazine: "I love watching my daughters be in pictures. I gave them all these films to watch. Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Barbara Stanwyck, and Mae West. Actually, they both shot with Karl Lagerfeld, and he was saying to them, 'OK, be Bette Davis in The Letter.' And they knew what to do! He said, 'Oh, my God. I never work with girls who know what I'm talking about! Your mother trained you so well.' So funny!"