Jerry Hall had an affair to get revenge on Sir Mick Jagger.

The Texan supermodel insists she only had one ''big time'' relationship while still married to The Rolling Stones rocker - who she split from in 1999 after he fathered a child with another woman - because she was tired of his frequent infidelities, though she thought he would eventually change.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, she revealed: ''We didn't have an open relationship. I did (want revenge). At one point I went off and had an affair with somebody else. Robert Sangster, so lovely. A horse breeder. Then Mick would beg me to come back.

''It lasted a couple of weeks. It was the only big time (affair). I thought Mick would eventually change but he didn't.''

The 59-year-old supermodel - who has four children with Mick - insists the 'Brown Sugar' singer ''never'' annoyed her, apart from with his cheating, which he repeatedly denied.

She added: ''He's very bright, very funny and we get along. He never annoyed me. Not little things. I mean, his action with other women were pretty bad but that was the only thing he did that annoyed me. He didn't annoy me day to day.

''He denied everything to the last end. I think most men do. Eventually he had a baby with somebody else.''

And Jerry thinks her former husband is dismayed by his behaviour towards her now.

Asked if she thinks Mick regrets cheating, she said: ''I think so. I think he really loved me. And we love each other now. We have a really nice relationship now.

''All that stuff we managed to put in the past, which is pretty amazing.''