Jerry Hall thinks her boyfriend's biologist pals are speaking ''Chinese'' when they talk about science.

The 58-year-old star admits that while she has a penchant for reading science-based magazines, the terminology used by the friends her boyfriend Armand Leroi - a scientist who she has been dating since the beginning of the year - is completely lost on her.

She said: ''All his friends are scientists. It's like they're speaking Chinese - I can't understand a word they're saying, even though I read science magazines.

''They have their own language - they make up words before they even exist in the dictionary.''

Jerry - who was previously married to The Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger - admits she and Armand are not planning to tie the knot in the near future because she is just enjoying having fun with the professor.

She said: ''Armand is great. We're keeping company, we're not getting married, you know? He's smart and handsome and I'm having a great time.''

The former model is to appear as the Wicked Queen in pantomime 'Snow White' in Richmond, south west London, later this month and while the blonde star admits she gets nervous, she is glad both Armand and Mick will be there to support her.

Jerry - who has four children, Elizabeth, 30, James, 29, Georgia May, 22, and 16-year-old Gabriel, with Mick - added to HELLO! magazine: ''I've have stage fright - that's normal. It's always very nerve-wracking.

''But Mick and the kids are very supportive and my boyfriend Armand and all my friends are coming to the opening night, so that will be really nice.''